Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The art of arranging with plates

( l): Domino magazine: Two-dimensional art isn't the only way to decorate a wall. A group of quirky objects picked up at a flea market, estate sale, or online auction make a bold statement. ( R): Kelly Wearstler: She surely made a bold statement with the arrangements of these plates. This is my favorite!

The trend to display collections around your home is alive and well! No, it’s not about showing off expensive pieces or trying to show off one’s wealth. Collecting today is about beautifying and personalizing one space, no matter how large or small.

I love tableware and there’s nothing I enjoy more than spending time scouring flee markets, antique shops, discount stores, specialty boutiques, even Ebay looking for great tabletop items. When I’m not out looking, my friends are looking for me and when they spot a great deal, they make sure to let me know! "Thanks David for the RL basket weave cup and saucer, they look great on the shelf with the rest of my collection"!

I’m always looking for new and creative ways to display my china collection. The April issue of Domino magazine ran a great story about hanging art and I thought, “I could totally curate a gallery-worthy china arrangement using these ideas for hanging art”.

Get the look

(l): LivingEtc. magazine: great use of vertical symmetry using the Fornasetti theme and varation plates. (R ): Domino magazine: Let the lines of the artwork dictate how the frames are arranged on the wall. A simple, symmetrical layout allows the prints to be read as one piece.

(l): Domino magazine: Combine pieces with strong—but very different—elements. (R ): Country Living, Collection Style book: When decorating your wall with plates, incorporate diverse objects into the setting. The placement can do more than merely bring visual interest to an interior; it also personalizes your home. Notice the O’s on the wall? This wall is decorated with the actual letter and transferware plates with a similar shape.

(l): Domino magazine: Don't overlook the graphic power of white. Crisp white mattes and frames allow artwork to really pop against a dark wall. (R ): Southern Accents magazine – Love the white platters against the brown wall.

(l): Thomas Paul plates and coordinating pillows. (R ): Domino magazine: Look for art that picks up on the main colors of the furniture but with a slightly different palette, for a look that is complementary without being too matchy. (Above): Country Living, Collection Style book: Arranged along a wall of shelves, collections become a decorative element, and set the tone of an entire room.

(l): LivingEtc. magazine: Positioning plates on the wall adds a interesting touch to a neutral space; the more saturated shades of blue are broken up with white plates with flower pattern designs. (R ): Domino magazine: Treat a wall like a work of art. For an instant grouping of themed imagery.

(l): Domino magazine: Hang a related group of art low over a sofa or table to disrupt your visitors' expectations, and to entice them to really look at the work (R ): Country Living, Collection Style book: Notice the collection of white iron platters. The black interiors emphasize the graceful lines of the platters and harmonize with the entryway’s accent color found in the armchair.
(l): Same wall color! These Thomas Paul plates look equally stunning. (R ): Domino magazine: Pick a genre and then vary shapes and colors within it.

Take out those beautiful plates that you have stored in your cupboard, curio or china cabinet and hang them on the wall or parade them along a mantel. China doesn’t have to been reserved for the dining room table; use them in your bedroom, living room and any other unexpected place. I hope this post inspires you to bring your beloved tableware to the forefront in your home, where they can evoke in you the same joyous feeling my collections evoke in me.


kstyle said...

I've always loved decorating with plates. Relatively inexpensive way to add some interest and texture to wall. k

Sarah Dennis said...

I agree. I think decorating a wall with plates adds so much interest to the wall with a personal touch.

Anne said...

I love these collection of photos. Prints are great but I love the additional dimension of plates. Thanks for sharing.