Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Introduction: Cheers to the well-dressed table

I credit my passion for china, crystal, glass and porcelain to my Mother. As a child, I still remember the sense of pride she had when she purchased her first piece of Lladro, she started her collection over 30 years ago with only one piece and now she has enough pieces to fill 2 curio cabinets. At a very young age she introduced me to the likes of Wedgwood, Waterford, Lladro, Baccarat, Lenox and Orrefors, I fell in love with seeing them individually as well as seeing them grouped and arranged. The collection of Orrefors animals on the piano, the breathtaking display of Christmas trees through the house during the holiday season; they’re beautiful! One is adored with almost one hundred glistening Waterford crystal ornaments; it stands boldly in the living room and there’s another in the master bedroom covered with Jasperware Wedgwood ornaments that bear the same name of her bridal china pattern she selected 40 years ago.

Another one of my Mother’s influence is the art of entertaining both friends & family, which I'm positive is a trait that she inherited from her grandmother,to whom I dedicate this blog to. Through the years, my parent’s home has been filled with friends and family enjoying themselves at everything from Thanksgiving dinners to birthday brunches to Saturday night card parties. At an early age, I learned that entertaining is more than just the food (even though my mother is an excellent cook), it’s about the ambience, making people feel comfortable, putting them at ease and hosting an occasion that they will always remember. To this day, I delight in good friends, good food, good wine and the creation of a well-dressed table. It’s the extra effort – folding a table napkin, coordinating the dinnerware, putting a fun centerpiece on the table or using cute napkin rings, it puts a smile on my guest faces and I love that!

A well-dressed table doesn’t have to be grand and expensive to be impressive. Elaborate creations are eye-candy and fabulous for the right event, but I’ve learned that a simple and fun setting can be just as fabulous. I invite you to join me as we goggle over crystal, pine over fine china and savor the beauty in porcelain; however today’s dining experience is about laying and mix & matching. So let us not forgot that there are other lesser expensive options that are amazing - - - paper, acrylic, plastic and have you seen the selection of melamine that’s available!!!

As a child, I sat down and had dinner with my family every night and I believe it is important to set aside time for friends and family. I know that we all are extremely busy; but I created this blog to provide you with inspiration to indulge in a leisurely breakfast with your family, a picnic with your sweetheart or a simple lunch with your BFFs. When you take the few extra moments to plan and arrange a exciting dining experience, every meals becomes a celebration. There is a toast for every occasion, so “Cheers” as you celebrate something or someone

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