Thursday, June 14, 2007

Who, What, Ware: China Cakes - It's a good thing

Does anyone remember when Martha Stewart featured “China Cakes” in the Spring 2000 issue of Martha Stewart Wedding magazine? I remember the story, I was completely inspired and since then I've always been on the look out for wedding cakes that may have been inspired by china patterns. I'll share with you some of my favorites. (cake above inspired by Andy Warhol's Daisies dinnerware, 5 piece place setting, $168.00, Unica Home).

WHO : Each bride's vision of the perfect wedding cake is as individual as where the inspiration for it originates. A wedding cake symbolizes the abundance of blessings to come in a marriage and, as such, it should be spectacular.

WHAT : A cake can be inspired by the details of a favorite china pattern. The pattern can be re-created in icing, gum paste, meringue or marzipan and repeated all over the surface or used as a starting point for the design. Look at how the intricate details of Tord Boontje's Table stories was applied to the cake above. Simply beautiful!

WARE : Fine tableware and wedding cakes have much in common: Both are beautiful and functional, both are products of centuries-old traditions of honed and studied craftsmanship. Adornments derived from traditional china patterns look right at home on these elegant wedding cakes

( cake inspired by Tiffany's Weave five piece place setting - dinner plate, $50.00; dessert plate, $40.00; bread-and-butter plate, $25.00; teacup and saucer, $50.00)

(cake inspired by Wedgwood Jasperware - white on turquoise jasper, bountiful vase, $245.00)

(cake inspired by Hermes Chaine D' Anre - dinner plate, $75.00, Michael C. Fina)

(cake inspired by Mikasa Peony - 4 piece placesetting, $59.99, Mikasa and Company)

(cake inspired by Corelle Rola - 16 piece set, $59.99, Corelle)

(cake inspired by Kate Spade Cays Stripe, dinner plate, $25.00, homeclick).

As these creations show, with imagination and skill, designs can be fresh and unique -- and beautifully surprising. Remember, ask to see samples of a baker's work, either photographs or prop cakes on display in the shop, before commissioning him or her to render your vision in icing.

Let your china pattern inspire your cake. Now you can have your cake and eat it too.


Faye & Greer said...

Beautiful post- what great ideas for wedding cakes!!

sonia said...

your blog is simply amazing!!!!
i am a ceramic designer and your posts really take my breath away!! tastefull,brilliant,simply outstanding! congratulations!

Sarah Dennis said...

Thanks ladies for stopping by. You're always welcome at my table anytime. I'm glad you're enjoying.

ladyjicky said...

Love the cakes - they are so creative.

At home with Kim Vallee said...

Wow, matching the cake and the china. I wrote a post earlier this year about matching the invite to the wedding cake. Adding the china to the mix certainly close the circle.

style court said...


Yes, I remember that Martha feature! Great post.

Anonymous said...

I like to eat cake....Mostly I love to buy my cake server items at most discounted prices from Mikasa & Company store....!

Anonymous said...

The Wedgewood Cake is Georgous! Do you know where I can find the molds to make the Greek figures?