Monday, June 4, 2007

Fashion plates

The biggest names in fashion are becoming the talk of the table. As more and more top fashion designers turn their attention to tableware, it’s easier than ever to have a well-dressed table.
Below are a list of a few of my favorites and indeed, each designer’s DNA is clearly recognizable.

Armani Casa – Armani Casa, an extension of Giorgio Armani’s fashion empire, sells everything for your table in his signature black, beige and neutral tones.

Bluemarine - For more than 25 years Blumarine has been designing fashions for innovative young women; now they are bringing passion for design to dinnerware. Blumarine lends beauty and whimsy to their china, with patterned pink flowers and paisley embellised with hints of metallic gold. With this line of beautiful china, Blumarine has made a fashionable signature available for your table.

Kate Spade - "If there's any one fashion designer who epitomizes the understated chic style of today's young, modern woman, it's Kate Spade." Kate Spade's philosophy has always revolved around personal style, long-lasting utility, and grace. Clean shapes, classic proportions, bold use of color and pattern, and an element of surprise are the fundamental principles behind her distinct designs.

Kenzo - Kenzo expresses his beliefs in a multicultural world future through a tableware collection that takes the vibrant colors of nature as its inspiration.
This unique and diverse collection of Kenzo china and glassware illustrates the artistry and vision of the designer. He has chosen ateliers in France and Italy to create this unique collection of Kenzo plates and dinnerware.

Marc Jacobs - The designs express Jacobs' romantic, rather than radical side. I mean, would buy grunge china, after all? Continuing a tradition started with handbags, Jacobs names each pattern after one of his closest friends. So Carolyn, (which is the name of my favorite handbag) meet Elizabeth, Peter and Jean. Known for his layered looks, oversize prints and bows and a feminine edge, the elegance and simplicity of Marc Jacobs china is sure to add a touch of high fashion to your tabletop. Marc Jacobs crystal and dinnerware is a beautiful match for classic and contemporary settings alike.

Versace – Gold baroque throne. lavishly patterned materials. For those who love the Versace lifestyle it’s an all-round choice. The collection of dinnerware was created with inspiration derived from different cultures and locales, blending dreams and reality and resulting in truly unique, colorful and captivating pieces.

Missioni – Rosita Missoni, doyenne of the Italian fashion label, is also tempting fashion-conscious homeowners with their tablewear. It’s tableware plays off it’s trademark zigzags and stripy prints.

Oscar de la Renta - The bold colors and patterns of Oscar de la Renta dinnerware are characteristic of the Dominican-born and world-renown designer. These stunning china patterns were originally hand painted by Oscar de la Renta himself. First ladies, modern women, and fashionable persons across the globe wear Oscar de la Renta clothing, and your table will look just as fabulous adorned in his designer dinnerware.

Ralph Lauren – Polo has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in a certain lifestyle. Introduced in Spring 2007, Ralph Lauren home invites us to take a breath of fresh air at a Hither Hills’ Studio. Located amidst beautifully landscaped grounds in the Hither Hills area of Montauk, image a weathered oceanfront retreat with an inviting, free-spirited vibe. The table echoes it’s seaside surrounding with shades of indigo and a natural material palette.

Valentino - His dinnerware is vibrant and fashionable, lending a stylisih flare to your table. This selection of Valentino china is decorated with delicate flower patterns and lace. His signature reds and distinctive "V" logo proclaim that this tableware is unmistakably Valentino.

Vera Wang - Wedgwood translates the beauty of her unique collection of wedding gowns into art for the table. Vera Wang dinnerware is elegant and beautiful, with simple and attentive detail that sets it apart.

Are you a fashionista? Would you ever dress your table in designer labels? Drop a comment and let me know your favorite.


The Peak of Chic said...

All great finds, although I'm a bit partial to Valentino myself!

At home with Kim Vallee said...

Kenzo is my preference because the dinnerware looks fresh, exotic and stylish at the same time. I also like a lot some patterns from Kate Spade.

Ms Polka said...

Oh wow ! I didn't realise so many had moved to tableware! Fab post!

Anonymous said...

I want to buy the plate that have the wording "CASA" on the bottom of the dish. Is it the ARMANI CASA?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I want to buy the plate that have the wording "CASA" on the bottom of the dish. Is it the ARMANI CASA?

Please contact me at

Thank you