Monday, June 11, 2007

Luxe or Less: Get inspiration from the top names in tableware

Gleaming china dishes, sparkling crystal goblets, brightly polished sterling silver. Definitely, an elegant table setting. But intimidating for some and expensive for many. A pretty table can make the food taste even better at your next party, but you don't have to break the bank. Here are some great examples of how to achieve a luxury look for less:

LUX: (l) Faberge, Galaxie, Six piece place setting, $750.00, Michael C. Fina. LESS: (r) Kate Spade, Library Lane Navy, Five piece place setting, $119.00, Macy's.

LUX: (r) Four suits vodka set, Steuben Glass, $550.00, Steuben. LESS: (l) Gin rummy high balls, Kate Spade, $100.00, Macy's.

LUX: (l) Still Life water pitcher/vase, Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum, $1590.00, Moss. LESS: (r) Blue Butterfly collection, Jasper Conran, Wedgwood, $120.00.

LUX: (l) White Snow Kingyo, set of 6 dessert plates, Vittorio Locatelli, $ 189.00 Unica Home. LESS: (r) Koi in a Fountain dessert plates, set of 4 plates, Anthropologie, $48.00.

With these great bargins, bring out your tableware and your dominos, have a party, invite over some friends and enjoy. Oh, what are you saving it for?

LUX: (r) Carpet oversized dominoes, Asprey, $1,800.00. LESS (l) Lawn oversized dominoes, LL Bean, $59.00

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ladyjicky said...

I love the Koi plates. I can see the oversixed dominoes having one piece missing intime at my place! I wonder if they sell them by the piece to replace missing ones? Especially the outside game set.