Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's Crystal Clear: Water pitchers that give you a refreshing look at water

Whether bottled or served straight from the kitchen tap, water is the perfect thirst-quenching beverage. Water pitchers range from traditional to contemporary and from functional to artistic. Water pitchers are stylish - - - take your pick, you can't wrong with any of the pitchers shown above: (l to r: Juliska, St. Louis, Baccarat, Nambe, Riedel, Match, Michael C. Fina. Top: Juliska, all available at Michael C. Fina).

When paired with slices of fruit and vegetables and presented in a pretty pitcher, water becomes an easy, elegant beverage option for special dinners, parties, or under-the-stars soirees. And best of all, it costs just pennies a serving.

(l to r: Cha Cha pitcher, $26.95, Crate and Barrel; pressed glass pitcher, $16.50, Mothology).

(l to r: David pitcher, $300.00, Marc Jacobs, Street pitcher, $242.81, Waterford, Bloomingdale's).

(l to r: Lily of the Valley pitcher, $150.00, Tiffany and Co.; Sunflower pitcher $28.00, Anthropologie).

(l to r: Windsor pitcher, $115.00, Simon Pearce; Anoushka water pitcher, William Yeoward, $450.00, Neiman Marcus).

(l to r: Bee pitcher, $35.50, Ballard Designs; Mansion pitcher, $80.00, Tart).

Flavor water is the perfect antidote to a sultry summer evening. To make it, add subtly aromatic slices of English cucumber (which are virtually seedless), watermelon or small lemon wedges. Place flavored ice cubes in a large clear water dispenser, cover and chill for at least 5 hours and it's perfect for serving friends and family at a summer gathering. Garnish each glass with cucumber, too.

(l to r: Marseilles Beverage dispenser, $199.95, Scarlett Alley; Apothecary beverage dispenser, $80.00, Touchstone).

Tip from Martha Stewart: Condensation on pitchers can leave unsightly drips and make pouring a slippery endeavor. A linen dish-towel bandanna will absorb the moisture. Fold the towel into a triangle, and turn folded edge over 2 inches to form a collar. Wrap the fabric tightly around the pitcher's rim, and anchor by knotting the ends around the handle. Clear pitchers also make beautiful centerpieces.


Bride of Rochester said...

I never thought much about pitchers until we registered, but then I saw a gorgeous Riedel decanter that I had to tack on, as well as the fun Cha cha from crate and barrel.
p.s. I love with your gorgeous blog. You've got a great, fresh eye for stuff

kcdesign said...

these are so pretty - thanks for the reminder that every single thing can be special.

People St.Clair said...

I love the beverage dispensers these are perfect for summer parties or weddings. Great post.

Mike said...

the 115 dollar pitcher is nice but a lot of money.