Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Registry 101: Top ten things you should know about my registry

The "I" in "I do" has new meaning these days. Traditional is out; individuality is in. As options for Wedding Registry expand from the traditional to the offbeat, couples are learning that they can register for everything from china to trips to China. So even if you’re registering for the hottest styles in china and glassware to unique items like camping gear and electronics have fun and register for the things you love.

Where am I registering? Throughout this post, I’ve input the advertisement for the retailers where I’m considering registering. I chose these stores based on product lines, customer service and incentive programs, they all share the ability to register online or over the phone, allowing you and your guests access regardless of location. Let’s play a game, can you guess what advertisement belongs to which retailer? List as many as you can in the comments section of this post and I’ll reveal the answers tomorrow. I started with an easy one...

I’ve received a number of emails asking about my ideas on the wedding registry process. Give me a reason to shop and I’m all over it, so here’s my “Top 10” list on how I plan to go about registering for my own wedding:

1. I want to live the good life everyday! Good china is hard to break – I will get is now and put it to test at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes, it looks and feels fancy but I say use what you love every day! You’ll be more attached to the gifts you use over and over again.

2. Take inventory of what we both own and what we’d like to have in our new household. Discuss what we truly want and make a wish list.

3. I will phone for an appointment, wear comfortable shoes and allow plenty of time to walk around when we go in to register.

3. I will pore over magazines, blogs and catalogs and collect tear sheets, color swatches and patterns. Make sure to note brands, design names, patterns and numbers.

4. If I like it, I’m scanning it - Zap it with a scanner and the item is added directly to the wedding registry wish list. When you go to the store, they’ll either give you a handheld device that you can click on items you want or direct you to a touch-screen kiosk where you can make your choices. I prefer the scanner myself.

5. Find out if the store has a computer database for tracking. I hope I don’t get addicted to checking the computerized lists to make sure they’re being updated regularly.

6. Shop around. Consider registering at two or three stores max. Visit a number of stores until we find a couple that suits both our personal taste and satisfies our needs. Not everything in our registry will be about me, maybe I’ll throw a barbecue grill on the list for Chip.

7. Break the pattern, set the trend – For me, registering for dinnerware isn’t about “matchy-matchy” formal place settings. It’s about versatile patterns that can be dressed up or down. Pick pattern and solid colors for as many designers as you wish. I’ll start with chargers, then mix and match dinner plates, salad plates, cup and saucers until I’ve created a table setting that has our personal statement.

8. Make sure the registry can be viewed and purchased online. Also check how long after the event date you can make returns. Double check the stores’ return deadlines and policies. Keep mailing labels from gifts as proof of purchase.

9. Give guest a price range – be sensitive about prices when choosing items. Take into consideration how many people are attending and your guests’ financial status. Cover a wide price range so no one feels burdended.

10. Although close family members may pressure you to start earlier, I’m waiting three to six months before the wedding. Not only are the vast majority of gifts bought within a day or so of the shower or ceremony itself, stores turn over merchandise so rapidly that any gifts you select earlier may be discontinued


Anonymous said...

First pic: Target
Second: ??
Third is JC Penney
Fourth is Crate and Barrel
Fifth is Williams-Sonoma, I believe.
Sixth is Bed, Bath, and Beyond

I am not sure about the rest. Can you tell I've been reading bridal magazines recently? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

hey guest who. i always check you out. stay focused!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

love you. great ring

Brooke said...

Crate and Barrel
Michael C. Fina

Thats all i have :(

#10 on you list is fantastic, such a good point!