Monday, July 30, 2007

Stripe it rich: Up, down, or all around, there’s lots of ways to go with stripe

Whether they're on fabrics, furniture or a five-piece place setting, stripes stretch your decorating possibilities. Imagine their versatility:

Pinstripes, so tailored, reserved, calming.
Awning stripes - beachy, splashy, upbeat.
Mattress-ticking stripes. Don't they suggest a coastal cottage, a lodge or a porch?

(above l to r: Hemisphere 5pc place setting, $818.06, Artedona; image from Domino magazine).

(above: Rio bowl, $142.08, Artedona).

(l to r: Venice Beach collection, Ralph Lauren Home; Iittala Origo orange paper napkins, $8.75, Finnstyle).

Stripes not only run the gamut in setting a decorating tone; they combine well with other china patterns, these stripe vases from Caleb Siemon would add dimension and drama to any table.

For something so simple, the stripe has a remarkably wide range of variations, depending on the combination of colors used and the thickness of the lines. And they're seen across the board from casual, traditional to contemporary.

(l to r: Image from House Beautiful Magazine; Colorado place setting, $236.81, Artedona).

(l to r: Taro stripe appetizer plate, $1.95, Cb2; Signature stripe legacy stripe tote, $298.00, Coach).

(above: Cubist stripe dinner bread and butter plate, $45.00, Marc Blackwell).

The eyes do follow the direction of the stripe, so take that rule into consideration when choosing between horizontal and vertical stripes. Diagonal stripes create power and movement. They are very dramatic, not restful. They should be used in small doses.

(above: Funky diagonal dinner plates s8, $6.50, Plum party).

Stripes are classic. From the stripes down the side of tuxedo trousers to the traditional ticking on an old-fashioned mattress, stripes are everywhere. All the major designers have always used stripes.

Where would Sir Paul Smith be without his "signature stripes"? They started off on shirts, but these days, they can be found on china as well as numerous accessories. Jackie Shapiro's French Bull also uses stripe, their multi stripe coasters adds a contemporary twist to stripe.

(above clockwise: Image from Domino magazine; coffee pot, 200 pounds, mug, 45 pounds, breakfast cup and saucer, 79 pounds, all from Paul Smith).

Rosita Missoni has also elevated stripes into high fashion, subverting the straight into eyedefying curves, zigzags and chevrons that career over cushions, bound around bolsters and push onto plates.

(Image: Missoni showroom, Missoni Carousel coffee pot, $417.00; salad plate, $59.00, Michael C. Fina).

American fashion designer Jackie Shapiro of French Bull’s trademark is her bold graphic stripes.

(l to r: Iittala Origo Serving Bowl, $42.00, Finnstyle; Storage container set, $26.00, French Bull).

The stripe is always in style. It mixes nicely with most other china patterns, so it can be used to update a table without entirely changing it. They pair easily with florals and prints, giving the eye a bit of geometric relief. They accent solids and complement plaids. The variety of stripes and patterns means there is one for just about every setting. Try mixing striped and floral patterns, using color to link the two.

(row 1: Melody stripe dining table, $1,298.00, Anthropologie; Tropical stripe dinnerware $24.99, Target).

(row 2: Fassett Fiesta Stripe Napkins, $32.00, Pottery Dessert plate, $58.00, Potluck Studio).

(row 3: Tienshen Spectrum Stripes 16pc, $49.99, Macy's; Legacy stripe bangle, $98.00, Coach).

To stripe it rich on the cheap, change the look of your table by using a stripe.


katiedid said...

Great stripey finds! You must have been searching for days. Love the Anthropologie table, and Coach Tote! And the room with the runner: LOVE IT! I think sfgirlbybay needs to see that room. She just found similiar chairs for her home.:)

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