Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"Amazing gray how sweet the shine": pewter adds soul to my table

Nothing outshines pewter for its beauty, warmth, and easy care. And no company outshines Match for its exquisite selection of pewter tabletop, all “handmade” by artisans in the north of Italy.

There’s nothing better than having something “handmade” on the table when you’re enjoying a meal with family and friends. Even more special, cooking from recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. (Since the age of nine, I’ve been trying to master my grandmother’s homemade buttermilk biscuits). That’s why I am so taken with Match; they take classic, timeless designs and form “handmade” Italian pewter.

Not only does the company feature the broadest array of pewter from dinnerware and flatware to vases and candlesticks, the line is comprised of only the highest quality pewter, crafted in a centuries-old tradition by skilled artisans. Each item is an heirloom piece, and much like my grandmother’s recipes, it can be passed down for generations.

When I craft a meal by hand, it brings about feelings of nostalgia and warmth; best of all comfort! This weekend, in need of some “comfort food” (i.e. chocolate cake) I reached for my favorite recipe from Donna Hay. That’s when it hit me, to see this slice of cake placed on Match’s Convivio dinnerware was nothing short of a revelation. I saw this dinnerware as a frame for the cake. Doesn’t it look gorgeous! Ever since I got engaged I’ve been back and forth on what dinnerware I would register for and here was my answer - - - Match Pewter.

Match pewter is lavish and casual. It can be dressed up or dressed down. It can be made to look old or it can be polished to be very bright. It can be more formal or more casual and rustic. It doesn’t need polishing. It looks great with other metals. It looks like its a few hundred years old, but you can use it every day. It doesn’t have to be babied, you can take care if it in a modern way. It’s perfect for me! It’s perfect for my lifestyle! Now when Chip wants something “homemade” on the table, he’ll have it. Even if, what’s on top of the plate is courtesy of our favorite take out.


At Home with kim vallee said...

I adore the look of pewter ring on white porcelain plates; I will like to get a set someday. I own a pair of old style wine cups from Germany pewter and medieval beer mugs.

katiedid said...

Some of these photos are just works of art, like the pitcher with the flowers. I love the yellow plates with the pewter edge!

Oren Rosenthal said...

A less expensive, but also beautiful option, is Mexican Pewter. Unlike European and American pewter, it's made by sand casting and is composed mostly of aluminum. Although it's less refined, it's just as beautiful and much much more affordable. Check out Tenera Home, which sells beautiful Mexican Pewter with a modern twist.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog and will be stopping by regularly as I love entertaining & a well-dressed table!

Sarah Dennis said...

Hi Oren, thanks for the tip on Tenera Home. For aluminum, their selection of Mexican pewter is very nice.

Pewter, however, is predominatly tin, most of which comes out of Africa. To be considered "fine" pewter it has to contain 92 percent tin. Can you believe Match Pewter is over 95 percent tin. (unbelievable).

When it comes to quality, they're one of the best and for those who approach tabletop as an art form, Match is pure genius.

Blue Orchid Designs said...

I looooove Match! So scrumptious! :)

ks2026 said...

Gorgeous! Thank you for pointing this post out to me!

catherine said...

hi there - i couldn't find a spot to send an email but i'm in a big fan of your blog. i have a very specific question: i love royal copenhagen's flora danica, but at $6,000 a place setting, it's wildly out of my budget. Do you know of any other brands / patterns that might be able to pass for the poor man's version?

Andrew said...

Hi Sara,

Since you appreciate fine Italian pewter, you may be interested in a new line of beautiful Italian-made pewter tableware from a company called Patella Romana, recently launched by a childhood friend of mine who wanted to offer another option beside Match and Arte Italica. The items are handcrafted by artisans in Italy from 95%-tin food-grade pewter.

They have some unique items, including an elegant caviar bowl set designed by them, and plan on greatly expanding the line soon. They're priced competitively, particularly considering the quality and weight.

They'll be featured in the June issue of Southern Living magazine.

The items are available online at www.AugustLiving.com.

Please note that the European Union has the highest quality and environmental standards for pewter manufacture, so that's a good reason to choose Italian pewter over pewter made in Mexico or China.


August Living

Andrew said...


My apologies for misspelling your name in my last post...