Friday, August 17, 2007

Home Sweet Atticus Home

There's no place like home and there's nothing like Atticus Home. With a desire to build a socially responsible business around their shared love for good design and entertaining, Atticus Lyon and Marcela Sheridan have developed a line of distinctively designed tabletop accessories.

(l to r): Bamboo bowl, $135.00, Vivre; Large modern bowl, $110.00, Bloomingdale's

Fusing sleek, modern design with traditonal craftsmanship and techniques honed to perfection over centuries, Atticus trays and vessels easily complement any decor, from classical to contemporary. In the picture above, East meets West: The bamboo bowl is steeped in tradition yet touched with the modern element of black lacquered. The ebonized wood bowl is sculptural and functional, it would bring sophistication and contemporary style to any table.

(above): White lacquer and sand-cast aluminum rectangle tray, $250.00, Vivre

The rectangle tray and the large bowl below are from the Palm Beach collection. It's 60's inspired and the luxury is in the clean lines and sculptural shape.

(l to r): Palm beach large bowl, $300.00, Vivre; shimmer bud vase, $35.00, Bloomingdales

The Atticus line is designed to stimulate the senses with surprising combinations of texture and form. Cool metals find harmony with warm, exotic woods and supple. Each piece is handmade using plantation-harvested wood and other luxurious materials.

(l to r): Bamboo bowls, $95.00 - $120.00; Bamboo salad servers, $57.00 - $65.00; Bloomingdales

My favorite collection is the Bamboo collection. Serene and traditonal, the rich grain of plantation-raised wood just gleams with a deep rosewood finish. I love the way the wood is complemented by the sand-cast aluminum handles.

(l to r): Shimmer round stand, $190.00 ; The Bamboo tray is $100.00; Bloomingdales

(l to r): Shimmer Tray, $98.00; Shimmer Wine Chiller by Atticus, $215.00; Bloomingdale's

(l to r): Shimmer diamond vases, $35.00; Bloomingdale's; Wave dinnerware, $125.00, Vivre

The simplicity of the pieces creates the perfect backdrop for entertaining. There's no place like Atticus Home.


People St.Clair said...

Ok I love everything you posted, expecially the wave dinnerware.

At home with Kim Vallee said...

Wave dinnerware and the wood tray with the twig handles are my favorite pieces. But really everything on this post will stand out admirably at your next party. said...

Just to let you know that I love your Blog. I think that fine dining is becoming a lost art form. I am glad you are bringing it back by featuring all these great finds. I have linked you to my blog will be avidly reading about all your treasures.
Kind Regards

Elaine said...

I love the 'low vantage point' of the white lacquer tray! The little legs make the piece for me. So unusual. I found your blog by way of Your Destiny is Stone Golden. Very nice.