Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Glass fires up the imagination of Caleb Siemon

No material, is so adapted to giving free play to the imagination like glass. It is a fascinating medium which, when molten and syrupy, can be bent, blown and moulded into an infinite variety of shapes. Until recently, glass blowing was vanishing as an art form, but thanks to Caleb Siemon and others, it has become this hip art form.

(l to r: multi-swirl vase, $425.00; glass bowl, $298.00; Barney's New York)

At 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, Caleb can take the molten glass on the end of the constantly turning blowpipe and make it into bowls, glasses, vases and other collectibles.
This RISD grad is defining a new aesthetic in glass blowing with his mixture of contemporary design and centuries old methods.

After graduating with a BFA in glass blowing, Caleb set out for Venice, Italy where he apprenticed for two years with the world renowned master glass sculptor Pino Signoretto. Starting from the bottom, Caleb learned the old ways of the thousand year old Italian tradition and developed a love for its history.

Caleb's dedication and passion to his medium are the driving forces in his work. His glass continues to catch the attention of international magazines, television, newspaper and collectors. Every gift show, his booth is one of my first stops. The picture above is from his collection, which is a white-on-white.

Caleb once said; "I want people to look at my work and think, Luscious! Glass is cool." When I visited his booth on Sunday and while I held a piece in my hands, he explained to me the process and the time that goes into making a vase, all I could say was luscious! glass is cool! Clearly.

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girl meets glamour said...

What beautiful pieces! I can't pic a favorite. The colors go so well together! Thanks for the info, this is a new contact!