Thursday, August 2, 2007

The sky's the limit when it comes to these tableware pieces

Call it icy, powder or baby blue, it's straight out of the '70s and making the latest wave of nostalgia in a sea of tableware fashions. Take your head out of the clouds, this dreamy color exudes a style that's simply serene.

(clockwise: Blue flor 5pc place setting, $49.00, Blue flor coffee set, Design Public; Blue linen by Denby; Portobello Road oval platter, $100.00, Portobello Road serving bowl $75.00, Wedgwood, Bloomingdale's ).

When a bride wares something blue, she is tapping into a tradition that stretches back for many centuries. There are those who believe that the color symbolizes loyalty, spiritual constancy and brings peace & tranquility to the home. But why restrict yourself to merely a garter or a pair of satiny shoes that peek from beneath your hem? Added as more than a wisp to a wedding, shades of blue from Tiffany to teal to cobalt have grandness about them.

(l to r: Kartio Carafe, $70.00; Kartio Tumbler, $18.00, littala).

(l to r: cornish blue dreadnaught jug, $39.00, cornish blue cereal bowl, $20.00, The Conran Shop).

(l t r: Emperors Garden mug, $104.77 ; Emperors Garden bowl Medium, $107.64, Sieger, Fitzsu Society).

Turning up on everything from pitchers to mortal and pestals, the palette adorns a wide range of tableware pieces. While the color may surprise some people, all your prints, patterns and china will coordinate if your color scheme contains only a few hues.

(l to r: Jasper Conran dinner plate, pale blue, large, $15.77; breakfast mug, $13.27, Wedgwood).

(l to r: Nilsson Large Pitcher, $34.95; Triange plate 9in $15.95; Crate and Barrel).

There are no hard or fast rules, do what makes you feel best; but when perfectly paired with green or yellow, this shade will have you singing the blues.


perfectbound said...

this is my absolute favorite color of blue. so pretty!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love the Blue flor coffee set, great find!