Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Going, Going, GOWN!

By the time the ring's on your finger, the date's set, and you're shopping for “The Dress”; I’m sure he loves you just the way you are, right?

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So I’m not blaming Chip for my weight loss frenzy; but from the moment he popped the question, my thoughts went to "The Dress" and the fact that I refuse to buy one until I get down to my “idea size”.

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(l to r: Mesu bowls, set of 6 nesting bowls, $49.95, Studio Panepinto; Yum Yum dishes, set of 4, $22.00)

Like many brides-to-be in New York City, I’ve signed up for the “Brides Boot camp class" at New York Sports and hired a trainer. During this time, exercising regularly is never easy but eating right is even harder. That’s why I’m loving the set of Mesu bowls - six porcelain bowls, each marked with a symbol indicating the quantity of food it can hold so you can finally measure your portions. I also think the Yum Yum dishes are great as well.

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So rather than popping pills, trying starvation diets and over exercising I think the best thing to do is learn about food choices and portion control to aid me in my beautiful-body quest. Before you know it the pounds will be going, going, gone!


ALL THE BEST said...

I need those bowls! You'll look beautiful!!!!!!

Sarah Dennis said...

Thanks Ronda!

I forgot to mention that Jennifer Panepinto was both a visual arts graduate student and a dieting "BRIDE TO BE" when she found she didn't have time to measure food portions. She thought there had to be a better way and wa-lah!

Of course...only a BRIDE could create something so fabulous (smile).

perfectbound said...

brillant. why am i all of a sudden starving?

Anonymous said...

I need these. Although I am not a bride, I am a new mom with baby fat to lose and this would be very helpful.