Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dining by Designer: Happy, Happy Holidays from Jonathan Adler

Long before he made his debut as head judge on "Top Design", he made a
splash with his own hand-thrown pottery. America "hearts" Jonathan Adler.
The potter-turned-designer has created a complete Jonathan Adler Home
Environment, an upbeat and groovy universe he envisions as "happy,
handcrafted, and luxe".

He can put breasts on a vase and we'll buy it; turn a turtle into a ornament,
and we want if for our Christmas tree; needlepoint the ace of spade on a pillow,
sell it for $165.00, and we all sigh, "J'adore".

Adler is a riot of fun! He is Jewish and from New Jersey and can be found
speaking Franglais - - - it’s all about “a soupcon" of this and "moiself" that.
His official aesthetic is "happy chic," and this means Jonathan Adler is always
chipper, never dressed in all black and eternally encouraging his followers to
put clown art on the wall.

As a living icon of modern design, his work is at the forefront of style. His
unconventional approach to ceramics has single-handedly taken pottery from
hippie to hip. If your holiday d├ęcor calls for something clean, modern and
“happy”, like this skyline menorah, look no further than Johnathan Adler.


Julie at BV said...

I love his design.

girl meets glamour said...

Yes Adler is a riot! I love all these designs, esp. the lil white ornaments :)


Sarah Dennis said...

Julie, you and I both. I can remember buying my first JA vase from his little store in New York's SOHO years ago. It's great to see him doing so well. He's moved into a much larger store and it's beautiful!

Sarah Dennis said...

Kate, I swear one of the only reasons I watched "Top Design" was to hear JA say "See ya later Decorator!" He was a riot...

He is so symbolic of his designs - - - happy, corky and chic! Love'em.

Thanks for stopping by,

amber said...

It's so rare to see beautiful menorah that are brimming with style & class, thanks for the post!

Sarah Dennis said...

Hi Amber. Isn't that skyline menorah beautiful! Aaaahhh...
He comes out with a new menorah every year and they keep getting better and better! I feel a collection coming on...

Thanks for stopping by.

Mike said...

I love that sliver turtle.