Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dining by Designer: Thomas O'Brien

Forget about Ralph or Calvin, and don't even mention Tommy - - - it's Thomas. Yes,
he may look a bit like Ferris Bueller's older brother in tortoiseshell horned-rimmed
glasses, but the engine behind the New York shop Aero and design firm Aero Studios
is well on his way to becoming a recognized national brand in his own right.

Not since partnering with Ralph Lauren has the esteemed silver house of Reed & Barton
teamed up with a boldfaced design name. Thomas O'Brien is helping catapult one of
the most prestigious tabletop and giftware companies into the 21st century. With
hundreds of items across all tabletop categories, Thomas O'Brien's collection includes
dinnerware, stem and barware, flatware, accessories and gifts.

O'Brien's take on classic styles - which he calls warm modernism - is familiar but fresh,
casual but elegant, masculine but feminine, new but old, sensual but simple. Stylistically
and practically, this thoughtful, well-designed collection has it all.

Dinnerware ($90 to $130, five pieces), flatware ($60 to $65, five pieces), stem and
barware ($12.50 to $50 a glass), and giftware ($35 to $150) bear O'Brien's warm
modernism signature.

All tableware available at Bloomingdale's.


About Emily... said...

Love your blog...and your header! Brooke actually just finished doing one for our blog also. She did a wonderful job!

The zebra place settings you posted below are fabulous- I especially love the ones with the orange and yellow flowers!

bridalwishlist said...

i love thomas o'brien. we received a set of his dishes as a wedding present and i just love 'em.

Sarah Dennis said...

Emily, your blog header looks fabulous! Yes, Brooke did a fantasic job. Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed the "Zebra" post. I'm sure you will agree that Zebra is such a great design accent.

Sarah Dennis said...

Bridalwish, so glad you stopped by. Thomas O'Brien does vintage modern better than anyone! His dishes would totally blend in nicely with antique or modern pieces. Which pattern did you recieve?

thoughtfulday said...

I absolutely love the TOB dinnerware, I am registered for his Elissa Collection. I can't wait to showcase the full collection at a dinner party. Thomas is brilliant, he has impeccable taste.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of dinnerware I saw on http://splendids.com/vitrified-dinnerware-c-168

Mike said...

I'm always had a thing for black dishes.