Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This Easter, don't put all your eggs in one basket, display them in nest instead

Apart from receiving presents from Santa in a Christmas stocking, finding a basket full
of candies from the Easter bunny was one of my favorite treats when I was a child. Now
with the arrival of spring, baskets are popping up all over. Many people will be using
them to decorate and organize their home, giving them as gifts and using them for a
table centerpiece.

(above: pussy willow nest, Martha Stewart)

Today, the basket tradition, now linked with Easter, still symbolizes rebirth, be it seasonal
or spiritual. All too often, though, the baskets that circulate among friends that are used as
centerpieces are pretty predictable. Why not replace your Easter basket with a bird's nest.

(l to r: Martha Stewart, Mini Nest, set of 4, $24.99, Williams-Sonoma)

Celebrating beginnings and new life, miniature bird's nests make lovely favors and each
creates a perfect setting.

(above: Faux Bois Tableware, starting at $10.00, Room Service)

Springtime calls for fresh flavors and bright colors, guaranteed antidotes to the winter blahs.
Whether the occasion is Easter dinner for the family or simply a time to enjoy the first signs
of spring, what better way to bring on the season than to incorporate a nest on the table.


Kim Vallee said...

Charming tabletops for Easter.

Sarah Dennis said...

Thanks Kim! BTW, love the new look of your site!

Red River Interiors,LLC said...

very sweet table settings... Fay

Anonymous said...

I love nests, I recently created an assemblage using knitting nests.Wonderful blog, I added you as a link on my Things I Love blog.http://sburhoethingsilove.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

So cute! I especially like the est favors- so perfect for a garden wedding!


Unknown said...

I LOVE faux bois and the tableware is just gorgeous! So perfect for an enchanting meal.

The Event Essentials said...

I absolutely adore the birds / nest theme and can't wait for someone to allow me to create a piece for them :) LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE your site! Always so great to check back and see so many new and interesting things. The pictures and info about the faux bois inspired me to search for some similar items. I really like the bird design trend s(which you also talked about in one of your blogs ex. Lenox Chirp)so, I looked for more bird items. The below link is a napkin holder similar to the one from Room service which is discontinued. Keep up the GREAT work!

Anonymous said...

Oh! sorry, I forgot the link :-)



A differnt napkin holder:

A branch serving fork:

Mike said...

I want that shade of blue on my picnic table.