Monday, May 7, 2007

Grandmother's China: Vintage is timeless

At the Oscars and other award ceremonies, leading actresses now regularly step out in vintage Valentino and Dior. In fashion magazines, the latest designer look is often set off with accessories from the 1930s-60s. In a radical departure from modernism, vintage fashion has even hit today’s table. The newest look for fine dinnerware is not white and minimalist. Giving a nod to our mother’s and grandmother’s generation, the newest look in china is old.

My Mother’s Wedgwood Jasperware china pattern, which she registered for over 40 years ago, has been discontinued; however the above accessory pieces are still available. I love Jasperware, as it is the most famous and prized of all Josiah Wedgwood's invententions, a timeless treasure.

Vintage is an eclectic style that's easy to live with – It means taking the best from past eras and mixing it with the finest of the new in a way that suits your own personality. Today, I would mix my Mother's Jasperware with my Wedgwood collection “Portobello Road”. Hand-crafted from sturdy earthenware, the Portobello Road collection from Wedgwood is inspired by antique pottery. Hand-painted in subtle hues. Pairing Jasperware and Portobello Road lends a classic country aesthetic to the tabletop.

So, if you are planning a Tea, Luncheon, Brunch or Dinner this Mother’s Day I encourage you to dress your table with some vintage dinnerware, I guarantee that it will be a great conversation starter. I would love to be sitting around either one of these tables, taken from Country Living magazine to ask a ton of questions about the tableware. How old is this China? How did you obtain it? Who's the Designer? What made you fall in love with it? ect, ect, ect. One of the greatest joys of setting your table with your vintage china is that you will using items that were loved from generation to generation.

Whether it's your grandmother's tea cups, your’s mother’s china pattern, your aunt's flatware or a set of dishes that you've painstakingly gathered piece by piece over the years, displaying those dishes on a table beautifully set for guests can be very rewarding. Let the following images from Country Living magazine inspire you to set your table with a mix and match of old and new.

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