Thursday, May 10, 2007

Treat her like a Queen

Dressed in sterling silver, gold, crystal and fine linen, the White House was fit for a queen. President Bush and first lady Laura Bush welcomed Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip at the North Portico of the White House for a state dinner. For the most formal dinner the White House can offer, the tables were dressed magnificently, ready to make their bow before the queen. Thanks to House and Garden’s for giving us a behind the scene look at the first-ever white-tie state dinner to honor America's closest ally and make the queen feel welcome.

The table settings were appropriately appointed with historically significant pieces: The tables in the State Dining Room were covered with Cream Damask tablecloths with beige striƩ in anticipation of the arrival of 134 guests.

Alternating between candelabras and containers from the White House Vermeil Collection, the centerpieces roses adorn 13 tables.

The President's House crystal stands next to the Vermeil flatware. Pieces from the “Vermeil” (French term for gilded silver) collection are 18th and 19th century English. The service is on the Clinton Millennium China with accents from the White House Vermeil collection.

Jackie Kennedy chose the glassware, and the crisp white linen napkins are embroidered with the Presidential Seal. The place card holders are tiny gold eagles.

Whether it is her birthday, on Mother’s Day, or just to say thank you, treat your Mother like a Queen each and every day. As you sit down to eat with her this Mother’s Day Sunday, take a little extra time to make it a memorable event and in some small way to show appreciation for the years of comfort, advice, and love that she has shared with you over the years.

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