Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Center of Attention

All this talk of flowers has put me in the mood to create a wonderful flower arrangement to serve as the centerpiece for my table. Setting the table is like dressing for a party. You take your theme from the event or from your favorite flowers, dishes, or linens. Dress the table with cloth and complimentary china in matching or contrasting colors. Add napkins as you would a belt or scarf, and finish with the jewelry – shiny flatware, napkin rings, candles, and place cards or favors. Your centerpiece is the fabulous hat or corsage that sets off your outfit for the occasion. Just as sure as I can tell you a thing or two about “fab-u-lous” hats, Real Simple can show you a thing or two about centerpieces. Enjoy!

Using simple techniques and a few basic tools and supplies, you can make a wonderful arrangement. Be imaginative about the containers - - - serving pieces, boxes, buckets, a fish bowl, seashells, or a teapot work as well as vase or basket. Mirror the design on your china with the same flowers or colors for a coordinated look. Everyday with Rachael Ray has some great ideas for centerpieces featured on her website every month. Take a look at some of these and be inspired.

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