Friday, June 8, 2007

An apple a day keeps...

An apple a day might keep you-know-who away, but using them as a table decorative accessory is here to stay forever. The one table accessory that never goes out of style is the apple. Sit them on candle sticks, let them bulge out of a bowl or place one on top of a plate. Anyway you slice it, you can't lose when you decorate your table with apples. Look at the way KleinReid used their apple in the tablesetting they presented at this year's DIFFA Dining by Design event, isn't it great? It was one of my favorite tables!

I know the trend this summer is all about bringing the indoors "out" - - - with patio refrigerators, teek outdoor furniture, deck bars and poolside pavilions everywhere you turn; however as any New Yorker can attest the far simpler task is bringing the outdoors "in". One of the downsides of living in Manhattan is the absence of a sprawling backyard. Even so, many New Yorkers find ways to bring some of nature indoors by simply decorating with apples.

(l) to (r): White porcelain apple, KleinReid. White apple, Victoria Hagan, Target.

(above): Spring fruit, blown glass, artful home

Fashioning them into table centerpieces, arranging them on the mantel and placing their picture in a frame are just some of their uses.

(above): Images taken from Domino picture gallery

(l) to (r): hand blown apples, Simon Pearce; crystal apple, Waterford.

(l) to (r): crystal apple, Tiffany; 23 karat gold apples, Gumps.

One of the freshest natural decorating ideas pertain to fruits and vegetables. If sweet pears or damson plums are in season, line them up on your table. If you've just shelled delicious green peas, place them in a beautiful bowl. And don't fret if your artful displays are eaten. Apples are the little things that lend all-important splashes of color and touches of home sweet home. Look how they are used on tables and as tables.

(above): Images taken from the Design Assistant, Cottage Living.

(l) to (r): Apple wood table, Artful home; Apple platter, Jonathan Adler.

Don't limit your table with just apples. Every season, look around you and you'll find hundreds of ways to decorate your table with nature. Experiment with seashells, beach glass, sprigs of lavender, purple heads of cabbage, green pods of peas and many, many more.

To see some great examples on how you can incorporate nature on your table, check out Style Me Pretty's post on Samatha and Ryan's wedding, AbbyJean took some great picture of their centerpieces - - - they were made with green beans, brussels sprouts and banana leaves! Fabulous. "The seasons change all the time and so should your table."


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