Thursday, June 7, 2007

Who, What, Ware: "Living Happily Eva after" - tableware registry ideas for the bride who loves mid-century design.

Her work is playful and round and begging to be used, not just admired from behind a glass case. That aspect of interaction holds as the signature twist that Eva Zeisel gave to modernism and continues to pass on. She was the first designer in America to produce an all-white Modernist dinner service and she continues to produce to this day.

Who: For the bride who’s quest for mid-20th-century modern designs leads her to buy vintage pieces from antiques dealers and flea markets, and reproductions from manufacturers still producing 50-year-old lines.

What: Considered one of the premier industrial designers of the 20th century, Eva Zeisel -- at 101 -- still designs porcelain in her New York apartment. Swooping up and around in whimsical curves, the ceramics designs of Eva Zeisel seem to almost come alive.

Ware: Shapely vases for KleinReid, elegant pieces for Nambe and “Classic Century” tableware collection for Crate & Barrel.

The Eva Kettle is the first teakettle designed by Eva at the age of 99, exclusively for Chantal. The Pinnacle Collection originally created in the 1980s for International China, has been reissued by Chantal. It includes a classic tea pot, sugar and creamer, and two mugs.

Sensuous, multifunctional shapes with a pedigreed past are reborn for a new century. Originally designed in 1952 by world-renowned designer Eva Zeisel, this timeless tabletop art makes a comeback in a creamy neutral. Out of production for many years, during which time it became a collector's item, this pattern has been resurrected just for Crate & Barrel.

The "Eva line" is the fruits of a design-love affair between Eva Zeisel and KleinReid. Pieces may stand alone, but create a lyrical statement when coupled, nested or stacked.

Eva Zeisel's creations are distinguished by their simple charm and "friendliness." Zeisel collectors will be delighted to learn she has integrated these characteristics in her beautiful Nambé metal, crystal and lighting designs.


The Peak of Chic said...

Her designs are really quite timeless, aren't they.

Sarah Dennis said...

Timeless. I would indeed say so. It's the perfect word to describe Eva Zeisel and her unbelievable body of work.

Ten Thousand Only said...

omg. i saw her documentary and wondered where i'd be able to find her pieces. she's an extraordinary woman...

Adam Zeisel said...

Dear Sarah,

You have put together a very beautiful blog of some of Eva's most famous works. I will be sure to show her this site when I see her next.

One minor correction: She is turning 101 years old on November 13, 2007.

Yes, she is still designs at her NYC apartement, but prefers to work at her country home during the warmer months. Having recently spent the weekend with her working and chatting late into the night I can happily report that she is doing well.

If you want to learn more about some of her most recent design releases feel free to check out I started the on-line company in 2006 with our signature furniture piece, the Oval Racetrack Coffee Table (yeah, the same table featured at Design Within Reach).

Anyways, I absolutely love your site and wish you all the best.

Enjoy your own search for Beauty,

Adam Zeisel

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