Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I can't believe it's plastic!

Melamine tableware was commonly used in restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals and for military dining during World War II. Institutions loved the dishes because you could stack them fast and carelessly because they were difficult to break. So when I thought plastic, I thought functional and practical not stylish and fashionable. Not anymore!

(above: images taken from O at Home, Summer 2007)

The new sophisticated designs of melamine plates have made me lose my stigma about plastic. Melamine dishes are all dressed up and boldly back on the scene. Look on the shelves of high-end housewares shops, department stores, discount retailers and drugstore – melamine can be found nearly everywhere. They’re even appearing in magazine spreads. Look how Bon Appetit recently used Bongenre’s newest melamine pattern, Susani. By the way, this pattern is a Barney's exclusive through August 1st. Yes, Barney’s!

(above: Bongenre's newest pattern, Susani featured in Bon Appetit spread, April 2007).

Although melamine tableware is typically available in abundance during the spring and summer, it is now being sold year round. That's because it's being designed more stylishly. There's a lot of fashion in melamine - - Jackie Shapiro’s French Bull, Jill Fenichell’s Bongenre, Thomas Paul, Jonathan Adler, Pop Ink, SCAD’s Working class studio, these lines are all great!

(above): Gothic Dinner plates, Folk Dinner Plates, Thomas Paul , Velocity and Design.

(l) to (r): Pashmina Collection, Precidio,1-800-387-2304; Melamine 12pc Sea horse collection, Target

(l) to (r): Side plates, Working Class Studio, a product development venture of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Loft Party; Jill Fenichell’s Bongenre,'s collection, Blueberrydog.

(above) to (below): Barcelona collection, Jackie Shapiro French Bull, Loft Party; Plant food plate set, Pop Ink Art, Loft Party.

(l) to (r): Jonathan Adler, peacock collection; Pashmina Collection, Precidio, 1-800-387-2304

(above): Fish pond buffet plates, Anthropologie.

At your next BBQ, bridal shower, birthday dinner or housewarming party, set your table with melamine and discover the power of plastic!


Joshua said...
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girl meets glamour said...

Wow, these are all so great! I love the blueberrydog especially. Thanks for the post :)

Sarah Dennis said...

Thanks for stopping by, I love Blueberry Dog as well!

hiphostess said...

fantastic post Sarah! Love ALL of it! Great job :) Do you know what brand the orange, black and white plate (2nd image from top) is from by any chance?

hiphostess said...

nevermind - just realized that's the same plate as the ones at the bottom from Anthropologie :)

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Fabulous! I want those Adler peacock plates1 I have 9 peacocks here in my garden in Marrakesh!