Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Chain reaction: Get linked into tableware fashion

Chain reaction \chān-rē-akt-shen\ noun: 1 a: a series of events so related to each other that each one initiates the next b: a number of events triggered by the same initial event.

It all started when I purchased my Ralph Lauren sterling silver chain link flatware years ago. (a picture of my flatware is shown above). I don't know if it was the shimmering sterling silver, the graphic detail, the equesterian feel or the utter sophication; I fell in love with this pattern immediately and have loved the motif ever since...

The link begins
with Grace's post on February 3, 2007 entitled "(mini) mini trend: chain link"

Another loop is added to the chain,
March 2007 edition of Domino Magazine, Kate Townsend, Market Editor was craving, "Classic Chain links"

The link continues to grow - June 11, 2007, Irene over at Bloesem shows us Alisha Henson's new letterpress card, don't you just love the "chain link"?

In reaction to the buzz about "chain links", here's my take on how it's influencing not only tableware but other categories - June 20, 2007:

(above): Milo pattern, Bernardaud, (212) 371-4300.

(l to r): Venetian link 5 pc. place setting, Mikasa, Crayon Soup, $199.01; Hermes Chaine D'Ancre
(l to r): Broadgate, magnifing glass, pitcher, Ralph Lauren Home

(above): chain link coasters,multi color, set of 4, modern dose, $39.99

(l to r): chain link mini skirt, nordstrom, $98.90; Jenna Lyons, Senior Vice President of J.Crew, I love that dress! I'm stalking J. Crew for it... (as shown in Oprah's July 2007 edition).

(above): Tommy Hilfiger has partnered with the Doris Leslie Blau Gallery to create a new line of rugs which became available in March 2007. Tommy Hilfiger’s 100% wool rugs are a tribute to the nautical themes that greatly influence his brand. DLB Collection, 212-752-0222.


{RNVL} said...

OMG, Sarah! I love this post and I'm completely jealous of your chain link flatware--is there any place that sells anything like it today? Also really love the Ralph Lauren pitcher. Really well-researched and great finds! Also check out my most recent post--I found a bunch of really great chain picture frames--we've been in sync lately :)

Sarah Dennis said...

Thanks for stopping by, I'm always glad to hear from "This is Glamorous"! You're right, we have been on the same page lately. That chain link picture frame you posted on Friday is fantastic! Love it!

Thanks for the compliment on my flatware, I spluged on that purchase! I haven't been able to find anything exactly like it, but have you seen the silver link cheese knife set at Anthropologie? It's on sale for $19.95 and it reminds me of my RL flatware when I see it. I'll continue to keep my eyes open, if I find something I'll let your know.

Xiomara said...

Amazing designs of Mikasa crystal sets!! said...

The dude is completely just, and there is no skepticism.