Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I spy Lobsters...Everywhere!

To my fellow Bloggers and friends in blogosphere, here's a question: "Have you ever written a blog post, created a trend board or read about a decorative element and then started to see it everywhere?!?" Ever since I wrote the post "Cape Cod inspired tablesetting", I'm starting to see Lobsters all over the place. Please tell me, "have you spotted a lobster lately?"

Here are just a few of my sightings:

(l): Critter couture silk scarf, J.Crew; (r): Alpaca lobster, Moss, $55.00

(above): Invitations with lobster motif, CeciNY for Tricia & David, via Faye and Greer

(l): Carved bone menagerie lobster, Roost, $165.00, 415-339-6500; (r): Lobster on stand, Z Gallerie, $ 46.00

(l): Marine plates, set of 4, Z Gallerie, $27.80; (r): Lobster tray, Z Gallerie, $14.95

(above): Crystal Lobster, Steuben collection, Neiman Marcus, $3,700.00

(above): Bronze Lobster, Roost, $195.00, 415-339-6500

(above): Lobster double bowl, Tiffany & Co., $90.00
(above): Antique Lobster & Crab, Z Gallerie, $46.00

(l): Beach Party cookie collection, Eleni's, $35.50; (r): Lobster serving dish, Moss, $6,200.00


style court said...

Love the mix you put together!! From J.Crew to Eleni's to Tiffany's.

trish said...

i saw the lobster dining motif in wailliams sonoma in may. i figured this summer was all about the nantucket clam bake/ lobster cookouts.

erinn said...

Yes, that happens to me all the time. One day I started to consider the color pink for a wall in my home and then next day I saw pink interiors everywhere. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am sure to enjoy yours!

Faye & Greer said...

Thanks for checking out our blog- we love yours (and lobsters)!

mamacita said...

Kate Spade has a lobster thing going on this summer, too. And it's on sale now. We know what that means...

mamacita said...

Sorry, I just noticed that you already mentioned Kate Spade's lobsters. Anyway... SALE! Yay!

Sarah Dennis said...

Thanks ladies for stopping by. I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog. For a minute, I thought I was losing my mind...lobsters, lobsters, lobsters. So glad to hear that this happens to other people.
I think Blogging just makes you so much more aware.

girl meets glamour said...

Great post!!! I love the Tiffany bowl and the Z Gallery plates (I'm thinking of buying). Thanks for the info!