Monday, June 18, 2007

In full bloom: Brighten your table with these hand-picked florals

Just about everything fashionable this season is coming up roses - or daisies, daffodils, sunflowers, any flowers. To add a fresh look to your table, pick up any one of these pieces from Wedgwood's petal collection.

Floral motifs continue to dominate in tableware. Typically appealing are big, beautiful blossoms in bright colors, vivid patterns and naturalistic designs; however blossoming this season is the use of handmade floral appliqué. The look is romantic and feminine. The floral appliqué detail is a lovely array of floral and energetic patterns combined with handmade elements and unique details. (Pictured above: Susie Osler photography in the Harbinger Gallery and Bodo Sperlein Teardrop pendant lighting).

I love the vase shown on the table, taken from Zara Home's website! Am I the only one who can't wait for Zara Home to land in the States??? Below is an assortment of beautiful blooms from a select group of designers who have combined the exquisite beauty of floral appliqué with tableware. The detail on these pieces and the quality of the work creates a product of pure luxury. And the best part about these flowers is they will never wilt.

(l): Couture boa vases, candle beaker, Bodo Sperlein , unicahome, $360.00, $170.00, $60.00. (r): fondant serving platter, anthropologie, $98.00.

(l): 4 handle dahlia planter, Frances Palmer Pottery, 203-227-0740. (r): Oscar Vase, Klein Reid, Rose and Radish, $1,463.00

(l): Beads and Pieces, Hella Jongerius, large ceramic bowl/ice bucket, Modern Poverty, $675.00. Dogwood series, black vases, Sarah Cihat, Matter, 877-862-8837.

(l): Constance Vase with Flowers, Klein Reid, Rose and Radish, $1,463.00. Sculpted Flower Boxes, Well Dressed Home, $58.95.


ladyjicky said...

Oh I really love that new wedgewood petal collection. It looks very classy in its simplicity.

Anonymous said...

I have a beautiful round wall relief from Roost, that is very similiar look and feel to this group. I'd post a picture, but i havent brought it to my new apt yet.

Great post though, i especialy love the black pieces you found. they're so unique.