Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I see shells - a nature table accessory

The more hectic and stressful the world has gotten, the more we turn to our homes as a kind of refuge. Setting your table with a beach style motif is just perfect for that! So even if you can't make it to the sunny shores this summer, enjoy the look and feel of the beach right at home by adding shells to your table. (photo above - clockwise: small clam, $20.95, nautilus vase, $39.95, cream & sugar set, $45.95, small twirl candleholder s/2, $23.95, cape conch tealight, $30.95, large cowries, $28.95, small cowries,$21.95, Seashellworld).

(l to r): Image taken from Zara Home; beach life spindle vase and three shells collection , $95.00, Plantation Home Accessories.

(l to r): Images taken from Pottery Barn and Zara Home.

Shells on the table provides just the right touch of nautical whimsy. Place them in a bowl or vase for a focal point, cluster them in a group or let them stand alone, use them with shell motifs in napkins, plates and cups for a cookout. Scatter a few shells on the table, or tie them with ribbon and netting for guests to take home.

(l to r): beach life shell collection, s/5, $95.00, Plantation Home Accessories. Shell napkin holders, Pottery Barn.
(l to r): shell charger , $26.00, Pottery Barn; seashell candles s/10, $15.00, Mike Ragan Home.

Overall, shells fit perfectly with the current trend of nature designs that's sweeping both fashion and home. For ornamentation and opulent decoration, shells are the perfect accessory.

(l to r): Shells, s/12, $199.00; Shell candlesticks, s/2, $269.00, Neiman Marcus

The nice thing about shells is that there are literally sea shells for everyone--you can choose to collect shells that are urban and upscale, pure and organic, casual and cottage-like or even a trifle bohemian. Mix and Match your shell collection and make a tree to keep in your house all year round.
(l to r): Seashell ornaments ; Bronze Display Stand, Roost, 415-339-9400

For an “organic-meets luxe” sensibility try utilizing real shells. That’s what I’m about to do. It’s 94 degrees in New York today so I’m off to the "Shore" to find some sea shells of my own!


kstyle said...

Beautiful post. k

Julie at BV said...

I love shlves too. I blame it to the fact that I am from an Island.

girl meets glamour said...

Love this post and all these great finds!

katiedid said...

Great blog! Anything beach-y gets my attention. (Maybe time for a vacation?) I am adding you to my list of blog links!

Sarah Dennis said...

Thanks katiedid for linking me in! Ladies thanks for stopping by. I spent yesterday at the beach and it was great. Cool water, Ocean breeze, sunny skies, fabulous...

ALL THE BEST said...

I LOVE your blog—it’s just beautiful! I adore shells for the table, they are such a classic. Perhaps I should use a few for my table and I can pretend that it warm outside (it’s still quite chilly in Scotland!).

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

It's all gorgeous and I want it all! ~sigh.

kitchen table said...

Shell has very amazing designs. For me it is the best things that god created. There are too many kinds of shell and there are many things that you can do with those shells.