Monday, June 25, 2007

Lladro and Jamie Hayon are starting to make perfect scents

The price point for the Lladro Re-Deco collection that I posted about earlier requires that I start saving my pennies! I’ve already started a “birthday account” - - - that Re-Deco dragon bud vase is the perfect birthday gift to me from me.

For more immediate gratification, I just learned that Lladro is launching a new line of home fragrances to complement Mr. Hayon’s sense of style. The world premiere of the Lladro candle indicated below is available on line at Colette and at 60 Euros (approximately $80.00) this makes more sense to my budget right now! Lladro’s home fragrance collection will be coming to the United States this September. It is comprised of four matte-white porcelain objects that are designed to be used separately with perfumed elements or fitted together to create an abstract figure. There will be six fragrances to choose from: 1. Flowers of Peace - delicate floral bouquet. 2. Mediterranean Beach - green and aquatic notes and floral heart. 3. Oriental Grace - exotic wood and spicy. 4. Gardens of Valencia - fruity notes with musk and spices. 5. I Love You, Mom - precious wood and vanilla. 6. Pulse of Africa - spices, incense, amber and sandalwood.

What a perfect gift, just in time for the holidays.

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Mike said...

I love how the cup has a nose.