Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Agate plates: Eco-chic is taking it's place at the table

Eco-chic used to mean wearing a message tee in support of the environment or, at best, a stiff dress made of hemp. But the fashion industry seems poised to go green on a more significant scale. H&M has just launced an organic line of clothes, as has Barneys New York.

Eco-chic is not only appealing in apparel but it has taken its place at the table.
Eco-chic dishes, place mats and tablecloths are all available and don't require a major monetary commitment - - - think hemp linen, bamboo utensils and agate coasters. (as shown above: agate coasters, $60.00, MoMa Store).

Walking down 34th Street earlier this week, I was inspired by this Astro Gallery window. The agate is beautiful. Cut and polished from raw Brazilian stones, agate is formed when water flows through lava holes, depositing silica that adds to their shimmering beauty and stunning luminous colors. The new agate serving platters from VivaTerra has the original stone edge intact and are ideal for cheese, sushi, or any hors d'oeuvre needing exquisite elevation.

Making the most of what nature offers requires an artistic eye and skilled craftsmanship and I think agate captures the beauty of nature with their intriguing ring patterns. Combine ecology and elegance to your table by adding these agate pieces that uniquely fuse exceptional quality and design with eco sensitivities.

(above: agate bottle stoppers, $25.00; agate bowls, $50.00, Uncommon goods).

VivaTerra or living earth is one of my favorite stores. They are a front runner in promoting the eco chic lifestyle. They offer distinctive home and artisan products that beautifully merge ecology and elegance. With a commitment to design, quality, and sustainability, VivaTerra achieves a balance between well being and living well.

(l to r: agate geode bookends, $129.00, Viva terra; agate collection, Roost, 415-339-9500)

Henry Beguelin's leather box is topped with an agate, a stone believed to ease sadness and promote regeneration.

(above: Scatola bijoux leather box, Henry Beguelin, 212-647-8415)

According to those who believe gems carry metaphysical properties, amethyst provides patience and balance, while citrine aids prosperity. Metaphysics aside, these polished stones and bowls promote beauty in your display or on your table.

(top row: Gem Point, Citrine and Amethyst; Mineral Bowls, Moss Agate, Amethyst and Rock Crystal, all Roost, 415-339-9500).

(bottom row: agate plate, $70.00, Uncommon Goods; quartz point, $350.00, Ruzzetti and Gow).


{RNVL} said...

Those mineral bowls are amazing--this type of dishware is great because it can suit both masculin and feminin tastes and is modern yet still very elegant. Yet another great post! said...

These agates are very beautiful!!

mamacita said...

You might also like these agate-looking soaps. I saw one a few years ago in the home of the chicest woman I've ever known, and I was immediately smitten.

Sarah Dennis said...

Mamacita, thanks for the tip on the "agate-looking" soaps. They are made with Aloe, calendula, chamomile, comfrey, lavender and more of my favorite ingredients. Great find! Thanks again.

Sarah Dennis said...

Nouna, you're absolutely right, agate does suit both taste. It feels great to touch, it's nice and solid. My FH loves things that are sturdy, as do most men. He would love the agate bowls.

Women Leather Jacket said...

Those mineral bowls are amazing--this type of dishware is great because it can suit both masculin and feminin tastes and is modern yet still very elegant.