Thursday, August 23, 2007

Initial Impact!

Long before Carrie Bradshaw popularized the nameplate necklace on HBO's Sex and the City I was all about personalized jewelry. I can remember the “initial” gold charm I just had to have with my first gold chain. The initialized goods trend comes and goes, remember the "Laverne & Shirley" sweaters and the letter stick-pins?

(l to r: letterpressed monogram cards, $16.00; Archipelago Monogram Candles, $25.00; both from Anthropologie).

For me the trend has never lost its spell and I think initals are a great way to express creativity, individuality and identity. For my fellow Brides 2 Be, check out Darcy's post today about personalizing your invitations with a monogram.

(l to r: initialized coaster, $26.00, Iomoi; Glass plate, decoupage with gold leaf back, letter"r" shown, $156.00, Superdeluxe NYC)

Coming off the heels of the New York Gift show, the “initial impact” is coming on strong! Intitals are hot, people like the idea of embellishing with a monogram or initials. If the gift show is any indication of what Buyers are ordering for their stores this Fall then it looks as though retailers are looking to cash in on the personalization trend. (booths shown below: Two's company, Keena and John Derian).

These pictures were taken outside the window of the Anthropologie store in Rockefeller Plaza: monogrammed wood-and-metal pedestals, wood salvaged from bygone railroad tracks handcrafted into consonants and vowels and did you ever think matte metal would spell understated elegance.

You've installed shelves in your new home and now you need to add a few accessories between the books. Let's see, there's a plant, a framed photo and a vase. But if you want your space to have something more, something personal that carries good design. Why not stake your claim on that space in a most graphic way by adding letters?

(above: Typesetter Plaques, starting from $19.50, Ballad Designs)

(above: printer letter stands, $26.00, Anthropologie)

(above: recycled wood alphabet letters, $16.00, Anthropologie)

Small initials look good on small things. But if you move the alphabet into the decorating arena, you need to go large. Singled out, any one of these 26 characters becomes an art element. Do I have to spell it out for you.

(above: Red Letters, John Derian, $45.00, Abitare)

(top row: spelling bee fabric letters, $12.00, Anthropologie; bottom row: wall blocks, Rae Dunn, Magenta Inc., (510) 849-3888)


D. Elizabeth said...

Great finds! And such a comprehensive list. I especially dig the recycled wood letters.

Lucky Designs said...

I love all these ideas. I am thinking about what kind of monogram I want to use in a nursery.

Brooke said...

I've liked those matte metal on wood letters from Anthro for a while now, but seeing them in your post makes it a done deal. The "B" is calling my name! I need to have it asap.

Sarah Dennis said...

Hey Erin, congratulations on the new baby! Please let me know what you decide to do on the wall in the nursery - - - Will you put the baby's name? Will you use a
monogram? Inquiring minds want to know. (smile)

For some great personalization options check out:

"Land of Nod":

"Short Stories" by Laura Zeck:

I just ordered the artwork from Land of Nod for my nephew.

Thanks for stopping by!

p.s. love the personalized notecards!

victoria said...

I love these!

Lucky Designs said...

Thank you for the suggestions Sarah! I will definitely check out Land of Nod.

jessicalynn402 said...

Thanks for posting on my blog and leading me here to this post. YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY!! I have been looking for the initials J & C for a DIY project for my wedding that will "tie" into my "tying the knot" theme. I have had no luck...until today. Seriously, you are my new best friend. Thanks!!!

Mike said...

I love how stylish those big letters are.