Monday, August 13, 2007

Another World Tour: Not Neutral announces 4 new City Plates

The collectible City Plates have generated much buzz and accolades in blogosphere. notNeutral was inundated with requests to add new cities to the collection. Following up on the resounding success of the original four-plate series which featured Los Angeles, Cairo, Shanghai and Berlin.

Coming this Fall...the release of four more City Plates by Los Angeles design firm notNeutral. The theme is Culture and Capital(ism). Unveiled at the Gift Fair, the chosen cities are New Orleans and Washington D.C., both rich in history and culture, and the booming megalopolises of Las Vegas and Dubai. Did you notice that there is hardly any blue on the Las Vegas plate? Yes, that's because Las Vegas sits in the middle on dessert. When you see that plate up close, you'll notice just a little blue which represents the "pools" in the back of the hotels. (these are all great cities but as a New Yorker I can't believe New York was not chosen).

For those of you who (heart) New York City and would love to have a city plate that represents the "Big Apple", I've posted a few of my favorites on a previous post entitled: "Take a bite off a Big Apple plate".


At Home with kim vallee said...

The plates look great all aligned on the brown wall. This shot gives me the idea for a cocktail party. I will tell you Sarah when I am done.

Oren Rosenthal said...

I love these plates! They have a cute, but somewhat overpriced store around the corner from my place on Melrose Avenue in LA. Definitely worth a visit if you're nearby.