Friday, August 10, 2007

"A Basket Case": I'm going crazy over Summer Straws

It's summertime, and all the porches from the country homes in the Hudson Valley to the sandy, beachfront yards of the Hamptons are filled with wicker and rattan furniture. Some of the wicker is white and decorated with bright and colorful cushions. Some of the wicker is painted dark green, and sparkling with green and white awning-stripe cushions. And some of the wicker is naturally colored in a pine hue. (image below: French bistro chair, $926.00, Annick de Lorme, Cap Sud).

It is the natural wicker that I favor. Wicker is not limited to furniture, it can also be found on tableware pieces.

(images above: room shots from Ballad Designs; rattan lollipop bottle opener, $13.99, Vivre; wicker balls, $6.00-$9.00, Jamali Garden; rattan ice bucket, $80.00, William Wayne & Co.).

Wicker will compliment any dinnerware pattern on your table this summer. Wicker is perfect for any party - - - a garden party, neighborhood get-together or a simple gathering of close friends. Summer outdoor entertaining is one of the true pleasures of social life and decorating your table for it can be pure bliss.

(l to r: two-tiered rattan server, $29.95, Crate and Barrel; image of wicker bottles by Matthew Mead).

Filled with an array of colorful seasonal fruit, this two-tiered server moves easily from counter top to centerpiece and the wrapped bottles make for a great vase on the table.

Casually elegant and secretly practical (sea grass keeps condensation at bay). A chic alternative to plain glasses these wicker wrapped beauties are perfect for ice water, ice tea, lemonade or a crisp, chilly, white wine. (image at top of post: wine bottle carrying case, Roost, 718-797-5750). (image on right: rattan pitcher, $40.00, William Wayne and Co).

(clockwise: image from Domino magazine; glasses, beaker, decanter, $8.00 - $18.00, Kiss That Frog, Posh Chicago. Topped with a rattan cover, this tray is the perfect way to keep pests from crashing the party , $28.95, Z Gallerie; ratan dinner plate, $50.00, William Wayne and Co.).

To me, wicker is everything summer should be: fresh, relaxing and full of simple pleasures. Here are few summer straws that I'm currently crazy about:

(above: rattan shopping bag, Roost, 718-797-5750).

(above: limited edition straw basket, $1600.00, Coach).

(l to r: wicker and nickel plated glass and letter opener, $55.00, Frances Stoia Home, 516-897-8440; Montauk wicker basket, $79.50, Ballad Design).


girl meets glamour said...

These are all such amazing find Sarah!! I am in love with that bistro chair.


At Home with kim vallee said...

I use wicked balls to create interesting centerpieces.

Last year, they were all the rage in hip commercial spaces. They displayed extra large sizes covered with white Christmas lights. Slowly, rattan and wicker accessories are not just used for summer. I saw last year that they can look good during the cold winter time too.

Sarah Dennis said...

The Two K's - - - hey Kim and Kate, thanks for stopping by!

Kim I agree, I'm seeing wicker used more and more all year long. Especially since so many people are bringing natural textures into their homes. I'm with you Kate, that bistro chair is great and I would use it all the time.

When summer is over why not bring your wicker with you. Take a lounge chair up to your bedroom, an armchair and side table into your living room, and a tea table into the bath to extend the counter space. Oh! and my sister just had a baby, I think a rocker would look so pretty in the baby's room or even a guest room.

katiedid said...

This is sooo funny! I had seen the chairs recently in a magazine (can't remember which one). They are from a comany that makes custom bistro chairs, so Ithought I would have them make barsttols for me..but a bit too expensive I'm afraid.:(

I also collect bottles with wicker just like Matthew Mead photo. LOVE them!

mamacita said...

I am in love with this post.

BTW, I call those "Blair Witch balls" -- if you've seen the movie, you know why!

mamacita said...

P.S. -- Did you see Jordan's wicker bassinet?

Sarah Dennis said...

Mamacita, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the link to to Jordan's wicker bassinet. It is absolutely gorgeous!