Monday, November 12, 2007

Are you missing the boat? Gravy boats for your holiday table

Have you ever thought about the design of a gravy boat - - - the spout, the ladle,
the plate? Do you pour? Do you ladle? And what's the plate for? Well here's
a quick lesson: pour unless there's a reason not to, such as the gravy is very
thick or if it separates quick and always use a plate as it keeps the
drippings off the tablecloth.

(l to r: Fiesta gravy boat, $21.60, Macy's; Gravy boat, $24.00, Pottery Barn)

Millions of gravy boats will bob and dip around the Thanksgiving table this
year as they are passed from guest to guest.

(top to bottom: Mikasa cocoa blossom gravy boat with stand, $80.00, Dillards;
Kate Spade June Lane Platinum, $219.00, Bed, Bath and Beyond; Vera Wang
gold gravy boat, $169.00; Sauce boat, $59.00, Juliska; Wedgwood Shagreen
cocoa gravy, $139.00)

This fine-china fleet is an essential part of the holiday tradition. Gravy boats
survive as serving pieces only because they are used once or twice a year
around the holidays and for special occasions.

(row 1: Martha Stewart gravy boat, $7.99, Macy's; Villeroy and Boch Audun Ferme
gravy boat, $58.50. row 2: Cellini gravy boat, $68.60, Bloomingdales; Spode gravy
boat spode, $182.00, Horchow)

Gravy boats are treated like the ugly stepsisters of the china set. For many,
it's not even something you would think about registering for. As you can see,
gravy boats are anything but ugly. I will be registering for Match's
Convivio dinnerware and naturally my favorite gravy boat is the one shown
in the top picture. Don't worry if you can't find one to match your current
china. Mix and Match. Sleek gravy boats are available to fit any table

(l to r: Eva Ziesel Classic Century sauce boat, $47.95, Crate and Barrel;
Sophie Conran pouring bowl, Portmeirion)

This holiday season, tableware will set sails! Don't miss the boat.


ALL THE BEST said...

Love the Eva Ziesel sauce boat!! Great picks!

Sarah Dennis said...

Yes Ronda I agree, the Eva Ziesel sauce boat is fantastic. That entire collection is a favorite amongst brides and one of Crate and Barrel's best sellers.

What can you say about Eva, she's classic and her creations are timeless.

Thanks for stopping by! BTW, loved your profile on KW.

girl meets glamour said...

I need a gravy boat...know how did you know? These all would do, great picks!


Anonymous said...

What a fun post. I never really thought too much about gravy boats. All of these are wonderful designs...might even be the start of a future collection! I do have my grandmother's china and there is a gravy boat with her set. I'm going to go look for it right now!

Eda Demirel Suner said...

When I married Sarah my friends give me a gift. I never like it :) But I love them these are good.

Sarah Dennis said...

Kate, a little bird told me you were looking for a gravy boat! *smile*

Actually I was inspired to do this post, because I know quite a few people who are looking for gravy boats - - - no one ever thinks of them until this time of the year.

Sarah Dennis said...

Marti, I think you may be on to something... Why not. I think a gravy boat collection would be a fantastic idea.

Sarah Dennis said...

Hi Eda! These are some of my favorite gravy boats but I will be registering for the Match one in the top photo. I hope one my friends/family get it for me!