Friday, December 14, 2007

THINK PINK (and green) for a Christmas tablesetting

This year’s must-have for Christmas is not a gadget; it’s not even a toy. It's
the color pink. At retail, designers have made it the hot fashion color and
Victoria’s Secret even has a line of casual wear named after the color.

People, especially those with a polished décor, want their holiday decorations
to reflect the overall mood of their homes. It's all part of the designer look that
is slowly creeping into holiday decorating. Red and green are no longer the
hot holiday colors, they been supplanted by other combinations - - - like
pink and green.

Pink and green make a punch color pair. This duo is preppy and chic all at once.
These colors are easy to mix and you can use pale, medium or bright hues.

There are many ways to incorporate this strong color trend on the table; an easy
way would be to incorporate either pink or green stemware to your place setting.
Perfect for the holidays, pink and green is a fun combination and hotter pinks are
more high-energy colors, which are great when used in rooms where people
congregate such as the dining room or kitchen table.

(top row: giddy glass, $12.00, Anthropologie; kassie goblets,set of 6, $39.99, Target).
(bottom row: backyard wine glass and champagne flute, both $18.00 at Anthropologie).


People St.Clair said...

I love this post of course :) The stemware is great and I love the decorating ideas, I wonder if I could make those trees myself looks like a great project (for next year).

Sarah Dennis said...

Natasha, I knew you would love this post! The trees are a perfect DIY project. I found them on Better Homes and Gardens website. Super easy - - - Use pinking shears to cut three 17-x-17-x-8-inch triangles from felt, glue together the edges (leaving the bottom open), and tack on sequins, glitter, or other ornaments.

Good luck!

Brilliant Asylum said...

I am noticing a trend of using either red or green as the cornerstone of the Christmas Palette, but not together. It makes for a fresh change.

Vintage Indie said...

Simply stunnng pink and green for the holiday's. I love the color combination.

At Home with Kim Vallee said...

Last year, I designed centerpieces for a client in red and fuchsia with hints of brown. It was gorgeous.

This year, I am designing my front door decorations with several shades of pink, red and a hint of mossy green. People should explore a pink and green composition for a Christmas tabletop. Like you said Sarah, this duo looks fresh and elegant.

Sarah Dennis said...

BA, yes, I've noticed the same thing. There is a huge trend with people wanting more of a "designer look" when it comes to their holiday decor.

Why invest in all things red and green when you can one or the other to your existing decor to infuse the spirit of the holiday!

Sarah Dennis said...

vintage indie, thanks for stopping by. I love this color combination as well - - - all year round (might I add)

Sarah Dennis said...

Hey Kim! You are the "queen" of all things chic! I would love to see a picture of that door. I'm sure it is gorgeous.

perfect bound said...

I can't get enough of these colored glass goblets. Such beauties.

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Fabulously french said...

Love the pink and green - gorgeous!

Leeann x

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