Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When life gives you lemons - create a table with fresh squeezed style!

I never throw out a lemon without using it somehow. This bright yellow fruit provides vibrant color as a garnish and decoration, and its tart and tangy juice perks up flavors, provides health benefits and is one of the more popular solutions to everything from blackheads to cleaning copper pans.

Lemons add a sparkle to any meal. Squeeze a lemon onto fish before grilling, grate lemon rind to pasta and stuff a chicken with a lemon when roasting. I love to experiment with new ways to decorate the table and using an ingredient from the menu is just a fresh way to add a bit of unexpected fun to a centerpiece.

Lemons provide some splendid ideas for decorating the table that are festive, unusual and can be done at the last minute and won't cost you more than the meal. The minimum requirement is a trip to the fridge; the maximum, a stop at the nearest grocery store.

What do you get when you pair luscious fruit and gorgeous flowers? One of the most popular tableware patterns, Villeroy & Boch's "French Garden" dinnerware. Add a fruity twist to your table with the French Garden pattern which provides a unique freshness in a tableware collection. Country fresh, sunny, uplifting creamy shades of buttery yellow and serene celadon green unite four decorated porcelain patterns in this collection. Mix and match these colorful and provincial designs of fruits, lattice, and flowers to bring the allure of a French garden into your home.

(above: Villeroy & Boch "French Garden" Dinnerware, starting at $15.75, available at Macy's)

Put the squeeze on lemons, and the results are far more than lemonade.


Anonymous said...

the colors are so refreshing, I especially love the touch of yellow flowers

ALL THE BEST said...

I love decorating with lemons! Nice post!

Kim Petyt said... fresh and pretty!!


Sarah Dennis said...

Yes, the yellow flowers are very refreshing! Do you own the flower shop Port Orchard Florist? Thanks for stopping by and including your link in the comment.

Sarah Dennis said...

Hey Ronda. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the post. Isn't decorating with lemons such a brillant idea!

Sarah Dennis said...

Hey Kim, I'm thrilled you dropped a line. Would love to know if Parisians decorate with lemons as well.

Ashley said...

These lemon photos are gorgeous. I'll definitely be picking up some lemons this afternoon! Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers!

Girly Home Webzine said...

What a gorgeous and refreshing concept, to use lemons as table centerpieces. Definitely adds a sparkle! This is perfect for the spring!

Anonymous said...