Thursday, April 10, 2008

Party in the Garden

As a New Yorker I have willingly sacrificed lawns and an open horizon line, living
and working in a concrete jungle makes the prospect of having a garden party all the
more tantalizing. An outdoor get-together is the perfect way to celebrate a graduation,
birth, or upcoming wedding. Everyone will welcome the sweet smell of new grass and
the cheerful busts of color beginning to emerge in the garden.

Here are 5 easy tips that will allow you to skip into spring with a carefree party that
invites everyone to gather together to enjoy the outdoors.

#1: Let your dining room chairs make an appearance alfresco. Add some slipcovers for a
splash of color.

#2: I love the concept of mix and matching. Combine antique china, ancestral silver, mismatched
glasses and contemporary chargers.

#3: In addition to hurricane lamps and votive candles, garden-themed Staffordshire figures
and miniature garden implements further enlivened the tabletops.

#4: Assemble a luxuriant bouquet on the buffet table. This centerpiece is a profusion of
forced white lilies, hosta leaves, and branches of variegated red-berried elder filled a large
antique urn atop the buffet table.

#5: Green glass complements the leafy hues of the surrounding garden. Place cards might
not seem necessary when guests are close friends and family, but they ensure that everyone
mixes, which always makes things livelier.

When butterflies and spring blossoms appear, consider taking the party outside.

Source: Southern Accents


My Castle in Spain said...

LOVE refreshing...

naila said...

where are the pink striped linens from! im throwing our engagement party next wkend (garden theme) and need linens!!!!!! thanks!