Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Suited to a tea: A tablesetting with tea tins

Spend a relaxing afternoon celebrating the women in your life! A Mother's Day Tea is
a way to pamper the women you love and admire. Brew a proper cup of tea and serve
it in the finest teacup you can find. Add tea sandwiches, some pasties or scones, whip
out your best linen tablecloth, add fresh flowers and candles, and any mom would feel
like a queen.

Tea doesn't have to be this predetermined snooty affair. It can be whatever you think
your mother, sister, aunt, grandmother or whoever would be honored with. You can
even use tea tins to bring an old-fashioned charm to the table.

Treat your guest to teas they love - - - and some they’ve never tired. Tea tins make an
elegant and eye-catching favor. Shown above is a decorative blue tin of jasmine tea,
$7, by MarieBelle New York.

As important, if not more important, is the talk at the tea. Ask each woman to bring a
tea cup and saucer - ask why they picked it. It's a way to share something significant and
it's not too personal. Fanciful, intimate, and simple to prepare, a tea party is a party like
no other.

Sources: Brides magazine, Martha Stewart and Country Living magazine


Brooke said...

Love the tea tin collection as a centerpiece! And the mix and match teacups is like what they have at Alice's Tea Cup, have you ever been? Its so cute and charming, we should go sometime.

suburban prep said...

what a beautiful setting. so inviting.

Truly Engaging said...

Having tea with friends is one of my most favorite things to do... Great post!

Sue said...

What a beautiful post. I am just getting into tea and enjoying what drinking bunches of it daily is doing to stop my cravings. Your beautiful display here is very encouraging.

tiaraco said...

For my bridal shower everyone brought me an antique tea cup and saucer to keep - I thought that was a beautiful idea.

Creating Myself said...

I love, love, love the tea tin centerpiece...simple, beautiful & effective! I have started my granddaughter a tea cup collection. For her birthday every year, I give her an antique tea cup.... on her 13th birthday she'll get a teapot.

ALL THE BEST said...

I love their tea and their tins. What a clever idea!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Love it!

Elena said...

What a delightful post! Tea parties should be held often ..... uplifts the soul and inspiations shared.
I have a little bear who loves a tea party :)
Ciao, Elena

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