Thursday, May 1, 2008

versaTYle! Dressing your table to fit your personality

Setting your table for special dinners with family and friends, holiday gathering, or just
to give yourself a visual boast when you sit down to dine are great ways to express
your decorating personality. Tabletop is an extension to a larger fashion or
decorating statement and it doesn't matter if your style is exotic or eclectic, you
have endless options for dressing your table to fit your personality.

(above: for a personal addition to the table setting, make place mats from black and
white copies of snapshots printed on tabloid-size paper)

These images from Ty Pennington shows us that with the right basic pieces you can
design any table setting as the mood strikes. The right pieces can enhance a casual
setting or soften a formal atmosphere. But one mistake can throw off the whole look,
so when setting your table, look to coordinate, it will keep the mood right and the tone interesting.

(above: just-cut fronds make awesome place mats and bring a bit of nature to the table;
their color plays well off of the earthy tone dinnerware. Orange linens tie into other
hints of orange in the room).

(above: a new twist on takeout - create a centerpiece by slipping a vase of flowers or a
small potted plant in a to-go box. When dinner is over, it can double as a parting gift
for guests).

So, whether you're decorating your house or putting plates on the table discover
fashion-related looks that go with your personality. Dressing a table is a lot like dressing
yourself. For instance, casual-chic style pairs jeans with a dressy blouse, or a pair of
boots with a cocktail dress. It's all in the way you put it together. The same goes for the

source: Ty Pennington at home, Pointclickhome.


Pedaling said...

i think i spent more time on your blog today than i have ever spent at any one time on any blog-
i am in bloggy love.
you are amazing!

kim said...

these different looks on the same table are wonderful! even if he hadn't changed the wall color (like most of us wouldn't be able to do) just changing the way the table is set can totally change the mood. i agree, its one of the best ways to set the mood. love your blog!

Shelley said...

I love your blog and will be checking back often. Thanks to Sheila for the shout out!

Anonymous said...

This blog is amazing. My mind is running wild with ideas and projects. Love it!~

perfect bound said...

love the black and purple combo.

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