Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer tables sizzle with colors and patterns

Whether it's a laid-back picnic or lively dinner party, forget about setting a serious table.
After all, it's summer and that's the perfect excuse to dish out a table that's drenched with
color and wild with pattern. Since we have only a few months of reliable warm weather each
year, why not make the most of them and create a special place in your yard for summertime
dining and entertaining? With a little imagination, you can create an oasis for a daily escape.


Play up the look with mismatched china cups, more than one teapot, posies from the garden,
and cupcakes frosted in a multitude of floral hues. Use plastic plates and utensils for a casual
sea-themed party. Sea shells function as flower vases, decorative centerpieces, and place
setting embellishments.


A humble picnic table can be set with as much care as your fine dining table. Dress up
a wooden picnic table with an embroidered cotton or lace runner, and use a few
strategically placed bowls and plates, like these bandanna-printed ones, to anchor
the cloth. Mix vivid flowers, saturated colors, and patterns to set an exotic scene.


Mismatched silverware and china still look sophisticated with natural embellishments,
like a hand-picked fern frond. Even when dining outdoors, if your table's surface is in
good shape, like this one, you can forgo a tablecloth. Don't be afraid to use crystal goblets
outside. They add elegance to the table and look right at home next to antique flatware
and long, tapered candlesticks.


Improvise a "cloth" tablecloth by criss-crossing strips of burlap from a garden-supply
store, then layering lengths of crinkly white gauze over them. The effect is reminiscent
of antique linen culled from Grandma's attic.

(top photo - a refreshing palette of golden yellow and robin's-egg blue sets the scene. For
a casual yet stylish affair, mix upscale elements with down-home details. Burlap,
bandannas, and disposable pleats mingle effortlessly with fresh flowers and herbs).

source: Country Living magazine


Danielle@Bliss Event Group said...

I love the idea of using a paper lantern as a vase. We have a billion lanterns from all of our many weddings, so it would be great to use them in a new way.

Any ideas on how this was done?

Anonymous said...

I love the first tablesetting. It looks so refreshing and happy. I really like the bandana and pink tablesetting too. I agree with Danielle, I adore the use of the lantern in the pink one.

Ashley L. said...

too pretty! i love love love anemones! and now i know that they look incredible when used in centerpieces! :)

Courtney said...

I love all the pics, but particularly that top photo. I was especially tickled because I've actually done the flowers in a paper bag idea myself for a centerpiece...although it was potted plants as opposed to an arrangement in a vase...but it was sooo cute and easy! thanks yet again for all the inspiration!

Sooz said...

hi, does anyone know where to buy or rent burlap table cloths? I am loving the 2 pictures that feature it! The natural gauze overlay is so beautiful too! Does anyone know where items like these can be purchased or rented? Im having a lakeside very natural feeling in August and I think a tablescape like this is the perfect fit. . I would love any info and or ideas! Thanks! :):):)

Lylah said...

lovely displays. absolutely lovely.

Jaime said...

Great ideas!

Mary from Olivet said...

I love the green one!!! Beautiful!

blumebox people llc said...

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Alex said...

You have not updated your page in a very long time...

{this is glamorous} said...

The green setting with roses is lovely! The colours of the roses are so soft and pretty and perfect for a midsummer's dinner outdoors.

Anonymous said...



Katee Grace said...

OH I have wanted to see burlap used for table clothes for a while... and layering this way with white gauze looks just perfect!!! :)
LOVE THIS! Wonderful Tip! :)

Anonymous said...

i loved first table setting and lamp.


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stela@weddingvows said...

First i appreciate for the photography, it is excellent. Table setting is amazing, mostly the first one.

fine furniture said...

Your table decorations are lovely with various themes and moods to set the decoration.I will pick up some tips from the post.

Aprilette said...

I love the summer tables,looking so gorgeous, fresh and inviting. The setting is beautifully done with all the right colors at the right touch.

Emily said...

I love the bright cheery yellow and use of sunflowers in the first table. Sunflowers bring a wonderful happy bright element to a summer table.

Kelly said...

Love the table settings! Yellow and Gray are our theme for our wedding so doing some searching on it - - - Just went to a great luncheon with some neat table settings!

Lindsay H. said...

I love the little lemons as name cards. So cute. And that handkerchief makes it look so summer-country. Beautiful. :P

Kaydence said...

I really like the first table setting as well. The lemon and bandana is a cute touch. Great idea!

Karin said...

Having fresh potted herbs on your table would be a neat way for people to add fresh basil, rosemary, parsley etc to their food...just another idea idea :-)

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singapore florist said...

the sunflowers are always look stunning

Vocaloid Costume said...

I am in love with the old world elegance of this wedding. i just love the class and style.

Karin said...

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Victoria Mische said...

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Platform Beds said...

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Victoria Mische said...

I found so many lovely table decor ideas here. I preferred Ocean Themed table setting because of its wonderful and sophisticated color. The shells and the flowers really add glam and elegance though the decors is only simple.

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bennie said...

lovely displays. absolutely lovely.

web design adelaide said...

The table settings are incredibly spectacular. The different themes are simply inviting. Its pleasing to look at.

Elaine said...

All of the tables scream "Summer" and the variety of themes keeps it from being boring. I especially love the first one with the combination of yellow and blue.