Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fall colors: Kkooll’s way of bringing them to the table.

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Labor Day has passed. Summer vacations are over. Schools have reopened their doors. September marks the beginning of autumn and with the nights closing in and the end of those wonderful summer vegetables, it is nice to change to the great earthy flavors that encapsulate autumn and winter.

Fall is an idyllic time for comfort food, thoughts of winter soups, stews, my mother’s casseroles and that wonderful aroma of onions and herbs drifting through her kitchen during family dinners.

This holiday try a tagine, a Moroccan stew that requires a little patience, and a bit of the cook's soul. It must simmer for a good long time, until the spices have melded artfully, until the meat is more tender than you guessed it could be and until the dried fruit has begun to melt into the thick, dark sauce.

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When the tagine is brought to the table, your guests are greeted with rich, spicy aromas that waft up as you raise the lid. I suggest using one in the Kkooll Collections line. Kkooll Collections imports the highest quality, handcrafted ceramics in Morocco. They are high in design, pure in line, unique and stunning – with the beauty of each piece matched by its practicality. The designs and color ways are new and exceptionally beautiful.

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If you’re planning a holiday dinner this season, think about stews. Stews are often overlooked; but take a second glance, because these dishes have many virtues. They can be made ahead, and they take well to either buffet or plated service. Best of all, though, you can add garnishes to transform any stew from comfort food to a stylish party dish.

(above: Kkooll Collections, 212-646-233-3769, Global Table)


katiedid said...

Stews are great comfort food and can be exotic too! These are great!

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Sarah Dennis said...

Thanks Katie, nothing like so good comfort food and a beautiful vessel to serve it in!

Sarah Dennis said...

Famous quotes, wow, thank you honoring "Toast and Tables" blog of the day. How exciting!

Hadassah Intisar said...

AH! Tagine!! My utmost favorite(so far) of all Moroccan foods. Sarah, you have no idea how this brightened my day! Thanks for sharing :D

Sarah Dennis said...

Hadassah, my pleasure!