Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All buttoned up: Make them apart of your wedding

(above: button cake, The Knot)

Antique, mother-of pearl, plastic or metal--gorgeous buttons are just crying
out to be used to make unique, one of a kind items for your wedding.

(above: serendipity06, Etsy, button invitation)

Buttons pull us together day after day, fastening our skirts, closing our jackets,
but often goes unnoticed until we discover one missing. I credit Vane from
Brooklyn Bride who actually got me thinking about the button and it’s many
uses when she posted ABC Buttons.

(above: images from Charles and Marie and Cake Milk Paperie)

In doing research, I learned that years ago people clipped buttons off worn
clothing to pass down as valuables. Carefully preserved in tins or boxes for reuse.
I think a family heirloom like this would be wonderful incorporated in a wedding

(above: Wedding bouquet and centerpiece, both images from The Knot)

Buttons can be found at flea markets and antiques stores. I'm not sure where
Brooke found the beautiful coasters she bought me for Christmas last year but
aren't they fantastic! The coasters and phone album would make great
Bridesmaid gifts.

(above: button coasters, birthday gift from Brooke; mother of pearl photo album,
$19.99, White Aisle)

For the creative Bride, buttons can offer a fantastic source of inspiration for a
wide range of do-it-yourself creative crafts. You can take buttons out of their
familiar context to showcase them on invitations, cards, favors and table linens.

(above: button sachel and button soap, White Aisle)

Buttons make charming closures: Punch holes in the box's lid for the button, slip
wire through, and fasten on the underside; tie a ribbon to the button's base, loop
it around the box, and wrap to secure.

(above: images from Martha Stewart)

With ideas like these, you'll never take another button for granted, even when they
come in the form of jewelry or a picture frame.

(above: button bracelet, $198.00, Anthropologie; Links of London classic
button cuff links, $195.00, Saks Fifth Ave; square buttoned up frame, $14.95; buttoned-up frame, $19.95; both available at Anthropologie)


Glamour This! by Kelly said...

I love BUTTONS!!! I recently purchased cups with hand painted button flowers. they are so cute.

I too made a post on them for a wedding theme. I thought buttons was such a great idea

Sarah Dennis said...

Kelly, thanks for sending me the link to your "button mood board", aren't they a wonderful motif you incorporate into a wedding?

I didn't realize how popular buttons are amongst collectors. There's even a "Buttons Society".

I wish I had some of my great-grandmother's buttons, she was an incredible seamstress.

Sarah Dennis said...

Marti, thanks for sending me the email of your refrigerator - - - you're so crafty!

The way you incorporated the buttons with your magnets was fantastic.

So you say buttons are the trend to watch for '08! OK I can't wait to see more.

girl meets glamour said...

I think I'm going to go nuts about buttons now! Great post again and that first pic of the Wedding cake is just too cute!


Brilliant Asylum said...

I used to collect unique buttons when I was little. Maybe it is time to pull out the old collection--if I can find it.

Sarah Dennis said...

Kate, I hear buttons are the trend to watch - - - keep your eyes open. I bet now we're going to start seeing them everywhere.

Love that button bracelet @ Anthro. but $198.00 !?!? Let's see if I can scout a "like as" on Etsy.

Sarah Dennis said...

BA, pull out that collection and create something fabulous!

ALL THE BEST said...

That cake is the cutest darn thing I have ever seen!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah: I'm a reporter working on a story about table settings, and I'd love to chat with you. Can you please e-mail me a phone number where you could be reached?

Miss Artichoke said...

I love those button coasters. I might try to make those. Thanks for the great ideas!

Sarah Dennis said...

Ronda, isn't that CAKE just "darling"!

Sarah Dennis said...

Wow Miss A! You go girl! Would love to see how you do. BTW, do you think you could make that button bracelet because the one for Anthro is way out of my budget! *smile*

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