Thursday, October 11, 2007

Going, Going Green: It’s easier than you think!

One small step in my lifestyle choice, one giant leap for the environment!

On Tuesday, I was “tagged” by Abby from Style Me Pretty to participate in a conversation that many bloggers are having all over blogosphere. The conversation is about eco-living and she asked me to answer this one simply question: What are you doing to introduce environmental sustainability into your daily life?

This game originated with Lara from Ready2Spark and I’m more than happy to keep it rolling. This is an issue that effects us all and it’s been so much fun reading everyone else’s post. So here’s my contribution to the conversation:

1. As soon as my current cell phone provider takes the shackles off and releases me from my contract (2 more months and counting), I’m getting an iPhone. What will I do with my old one, RECYCLE it of course. If you have an old cell phone, I encourage you to support Earthworks and recycle your cell for free.

2. This fast-growing grass makes a beautiful, eco-alternative material for many things you use every day. I’m currently loving the bambu brand and recently purchased their lacquerware bowls.

3. I’m cutting the carbs! Carbon emission, that is. No driving for me - - - it’s all about mass transit. I take the train, bus or walk when I’m navigating the streets of Manhattan.

4. My family thinks I’m crazy with this one, but I say turn the air conditioner off and turn on the ceiling fans. Central air is extremely energy intensive, ceiling fans use 90 percent less energy and they do make the room feel cooler.

5. BYOT (Bring your own tote) - Thanks to Style Me Pretty for the tip on these gorgeous collapsible European Market Totes. You can find me strolling the Farmer’s Park in Union Square with style, I have the brown flower one.

6. Speaking of Farmer’s Market, I love them!!! A ripe red tomato, prefect green peas, artisanal breads and cheese made by hand by food craftspeople. The fresh produce is unbelievable and I know that most of every dollar I spend goes straight to the people who grow the food. For New Yorkers, the Farmer’s market at Rockefeller Center will be available until October 19th.

7. I spend a ton of money dry cleaning my clothes so I decided to scope out an organic dry cleaner. Found one! Divine Touch. If you decide to “dry clean green”, make sure you find one that uses the carbon dioxide cleaning process.

8. "There is a Method to my madness "– Why do I keep running to Target? To purchase products under the Method brand. They are biodegradable, toxicity-free, and not tested on animals and in bottles designed by K. Rashid…now who can resist that!

There you have it, these are the ways that I’m living green. I’m tagging the following people. They are some of the most stylish & insightful bloggers in the world and I would love to know how eco-chic they are:

Kate @ Girl Meets Glamour
Anna @ Absolutely Beautiful ( Australia)
Ariel @ Offbeat Bride
Ronda @ All the Best ( Scotland)
Kelly McWilliams @ Weddings by Socialites
Danielle @ Oh Happy Blog
Eda @ Eda Sunar ( Turkey)


ready.2.spark said...

Thank you so much for keeping this going! I'm so impressed by the thoughtful and simple ideas. As you know, I've compiled everyone's feedback on my blog (I hope that I can keep up!)

Thank you once again ;-D


ALL THE BEST said...

I'll work on this and post in a few days!

Sarah Dennis said...

Lara, more than happy to share. I wish I was doing even more. We only have 1 Earth and we need to do our very best to take care of her!

Sarah Dennis said...

Ronda, I can't wait!

Oh Happy Blog! said...

I really love how effortless, yet impactual your contributions are! Sometimes it can seem like more of a burdon to "go green"... I began purchasing the "method" line just as soon as it hit the shelves- and didn't realize that it was green until well over several months later (the power of marketing)

Brilliant Asylum said...

Good work!

Kate said...

Another thing you can do with cell phones (if they are still functional) is donate them to a women's shelter. Often times they will pre-program them with emergency numbers so that, if the recipient is in need of assistance, they are able to get help right away.

Jade said...

Thank you so much for posting about the Method products!! I have seen them at Target but did not realize that they were biodegradable - I will definitely be buying them and posting about them!

Sarah Dennis said...

D, I agree, "Marketing power" is a force!

I have to admit, the Karim Rashid bottle is what attracted me to the products; but when I found out more about the brand, I became a mouth piece. I talk it up all the time. Method was started by 2 guys who meet in High School! They met up again and one had experience in branding the other had become a chemical engineer - - - the rest is history.

Sarah Dennis said...

Thanks BA!

Sarah Dennis said...

Kate, EXCELLENT POINT! I forgot about that. I think I may donate my phone to a women's shelter instead.

Sarah Dennis said...

Jade, another excuse to go to Target right! said...

Dear Sarah,

We are trying to carry our hosting to another server... I will reply you soon... Please forgive me :)

At home with Kim Vallee said...

Hi Sarah,

I got my Reisenthal European Market Tote a few months ago. I adore it! It's very practical and chic.
I also fell under the good spell of Method when they became available in Canada.