Friday, October 5, 2007

The next time you set your table. THINK PINK

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This month, pink is a major story, it is being used by many beauty, fashion and houseware brands to show their support of breast cancer awareness. This past week I have posted a few of these items because cancer is something that touches me personally. Many in my family have been diagnosed with this disease and my great-grand mother passed away from breast cancer; therefore I am a strong supporter of research and awareness raising.

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(above: soft pink metro band 32pc dinnerware, $125.00, Amazon; Juliska 20pc dinnerware, $532.00, Horchow)

Long before the color pink was synonymous with breast cancer awareness, pink was associated with flamingos, pigs and elephants. It even harkens to the personal downside of the tough economy (pink slip) and a pop star (Pink) not to mention prom dresses and carnations.

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(above: Vera Wang Pink Duchesse 5pc place setting, $139.00, Bloomingdale's; Dessert plate, $14.00,Anthropologie).

The color pink conjures up many things. So the next time you’re setting your table, THINK PINK. I love pink on the table and I think part of the color's strength seems to lie in its malleability. While it's often perceived as soft and girlie, it can take on a sexy slant when paired with black. Pink also mixes well with basics such as gray, white and khaki, making it is an extremely salable color. If you haven’t put some pink in your life, now is the time to put it on the table (top).

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(above: Large Pink Gurgling Cod, $95.00, Sherve Crump and Low; Pink Pitcher, Vietri; Kosta Boda glass vase $149.00, Bed, Bath, Beyond)

I suggest bringing a few subtle touches of pink into your table, such as a dessert plate, stemware or a conversational piece like the pink Gurgling Cod pitcher. Use your white plates as a foundation, then layer on pink bowls, teacups and saucers or chargers.

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(above: William Yeoward pink barware; Pink tea set, from $35.90, Horchow; Primrose handled rectangular tray $79.00, Mariposa)

If you're really daring, you can use textiles in various shades of pink for tablecloths, napkins and placemats. Combine those shades with your centerpiece - - - flowers, vase and other accessories in pink.

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(above: Cast Iron Teapot pink, $49.99, Distinctive Decor; Pink and White place mats and napkins, $40.00, set of 4, Horchow; Pink large round platter, Vietri; Kassie goblets, set of 6, $39.99, Target; Butterfly Meadow pitcher, $39.99, Lenox)

Thanks to everyone for "posting pink" this week; but we must take it a step further. Let the pink ribbons serve as a serious call to action for us to be better partners with science. One by one, we must each take more control of our own health. Breast cancer is a treatable disease, and we can make a difference in the statistics by encouraging every woman we know and love to follow the early detection procedures and to aggressively follow-up. It's time to get serious about pink.


People St.Clair said...

You're killing me! I love everything. The top pictures tablescape is delightful and the Horchow set fabulous and the tea set so makes me want to have girlfriends over for tea and serve tea sandwiches.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Beautiful selection of pink--and I love Gwynnie's Dining room!

Sarah Dennis said...

Natasha, I know you're over there pulling your hair out! You're such a lover of pink and I love it!
I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Now go ahead, put your pinky in the air and have that tea and those cucumber sandwiches with your girls!

Thanks for visiting. Next week I'm moving away from pink so you're safe. (For now) (smile)

Sarah Dennis said...

BA, that table was great. I love the minimal yet stylish feel and I love the fact that she mixed Calvin Klein dinnerware with CB2 desert plates. Let's not overlook the pink stemware, the candelabra from Anthro and that fabulous Tord Boontje chandelier (that's not pictured here, but can be seen on Habitally Chic)! It all just works!

design for mankind. said...


Sarah Dennis said...

Thanks Erin! Sophie's pink pieces would make a great addition to the this post. Thanks for the tip on Ms. Cook, her collection is incredible.

Elizabeth said...

I love the Vera Wang and the cast iron teapot! Thank you for your kind words that you left on my have no idea how much it means to me!!
I was wondering if maybe you would post on the navy, white and green tablescape that I am trying for....Thanks!!!

Sarah Dennis said...

Hey Liz, thanks for stopping by.

I know how stressful things can be right now and we brides-2-be have to stick together. I would love to post something on your navy, white and green tablescape. I'm all over it.

Hang in there, D- will be home soon!

ALL THE BEST said...

Very pretty post. Love the dessert plate from Anthropologie. said...

Hi Sarah

I love them these are really cute and sexy :) Thanks for sharing

Hi from Turkey
Eda Suner

Sarah Dennis said...

Thanks Ronda. Those dessert plates are great. Perfect touch to the table at a great price.

Sarah Dennis said...

Hi Eda it's always great to hear from you! How are things in Turkey? Thanks for stopping by.

katiedid said... pretty! I love the table with all of the orchids. great post!

Things That Inspire said...

What a beautiful post!

Mike said...

The pink fish is a beautiful china piece.