Monday, October 8, 2007

No Bones about it: tableware items with skulls are hot during Halloween and after

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Halloween today means more than handing out candy and taking children trick-or- treating, carving a pumpkin, dressing up in costumes and visits to haunted houses. It also means decorating. More than any other holiday, Halloween brings out our whimsical side. With these skull and cross bone accessories you’ll be able to indulge your creativity – while keeping your table looking chic and beautiful.

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(above: skull cross bone dinnerware, set of 4, from $39.80, Z Gallerie; 9oz bowl ghost skull, $20.00 Circa Ceramics; The Skull Little Porcelain plates, $175.00, Barneys; skull coaster, iomoi)

Skulls have symbolized many things over the centuries, from Halloween, of course, to Mexico’s Day of the Dead. But skulls have since become a year-round look, moving from Alexander McQueen’s skull scarf (which was introduced back in Spring 2003) to home furnishings and tabletop.

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(l to r: Skull and Bones appetizer plates, $35.00 Horchow; Skull and Crossbone plate, Sarah Cihat, Clio Home)

I know my "truly trendy" friends have been over this trend for more than a year now and I’m beginning to wonder if the trend will ever end! Not everyone is a fan of the skull and cross bones trend in everything from dresses to shoes; but I think an unexpected skull on the table can add a bit of humor.

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(above: skull teacup and saucer, skull teapot and skull flatware, all Murval, Aldea Home; skull and crossbones DOF set, $295.00, Ralph Lauren Home; skull candle, $8.00, Pottery Barn).

Even after Halloween, one of two of these skull accessories give a fun rocker chic vibe on the table, as long as you don’t go overboard. Yes, the symbol will forever be associated with a tough-girl, punk vibe; but who doesn't want a dash of that every once in a while? For great ideas and inspiration on how to use skulls on your table, make sure to stop by Hostess with the Mostess and check out her new Halloween party themes; they are fantastic - - - my personal favorite is "Ghoul's Night"!

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(above: "new" candle collection, Joya + Sarah Cihat; "Ghoul's Night" theme, Hostess with Mostess).


Chic and Charming said...

I love skulls!! Thanks for pointing out all these great sources!

franki durbin said...

you know, I just can't get over the staying power of skulls. i thought they fell out of favor a few years back, but they just won't go away! LOL!

But I agree, tis the season for a bit of skull and bone action. Some of these were very stylish...even for those of us who don't normally go for goth! ;)

Sarah Dennis said...

C&C, glad I could help! These skulls are pretty darn cool and I love those candles by joya + sarah cihat.

Sarah Dennis said...

Hey Franki! Thanks for stopping by. I'm with ya, skulls are everywhere and it doesn't look like this motif is losing steam.

I don't want to go into my "Miranda Priestly" speech; but the Alexander McQueen trickle down effect with skull and bones is reminiscence of Miranda's example of how Oscar De Renta's use of cerulean effected Andy's sweater choice. Classic scene on the how hi-fashion influences mass market.

girl meets glamour said...

Um, I'm not scarred, bring it on...I can't say what it really is, but I don't mind adding a few scullish pieces (I made it up, yup) to the mix. I love the tea cut and saucer esp. Have you seen the scull lamp fixture from Blackman Cruz (here's the link: )

Great post Sarah!


perfect bound said...

I don't think i'm quite ready to bring skulls into my kitchen but I do love this post. Sarah, you are so good!

Lindsay H. said...

Okay, I'll admit I like the skulls as a Halloween idea specially if you're throwing some sort of giant semi-elegant costume party. But I couldn't see them being nice decor anywhere after that lol

I feel like they might turn guests off just a wee bit unless they know you're a Shakespearean actor said...

Here, I do not really suppose this will have effect.