Monday, November 19, 2007

What the Fork! Flatware from A to Z

If flatware sounds a little, well...flat, remember that beautiful flatware adds the
perfect sparkling touch to your table. From durable sterling silver (which actually
looks better the more you use it) to easy-care stainless steel, today's flatware
is available in patterns that complement any style, whether you're traditional,
country or downright funky. The classic five-piece place setting is your starting
point - serving pieces like carving forks and gravy ladles can complete your
flatware registry.

(l to r): A is for Alain Saint-Joanis, $400.00; B is for Buccellati, $775.00;
C is for Christofle, $161.00.

The knives, forks and spoons that you'll use with your china and crystal - - -
not any flatware will do. Look for an attractive design that will match
or complement the good looks of your dinnerware. Here are some flatware
patterns from A to Z:

(l to r); D is for Deco City, $150.00; E is for Ercuis, $878.00; F is for French Regency,
$259.95; G is for Gorham, $259.95.

(top to bottom): H is for Hannah, $84.00; I is for International, 259.95; J is for
Japanesse Bird & Bamboo, $75.00; K is for Kirk Stieff, $278.95; L is for Louis XV,
$319.95; M is for Michael C. Fina, $449.95.

(top to bottom): N is for Neoclassico, $449.95; O is for Odiot, $2,149.00; P is for
Puiforcat, $460.00; Q is for Queen Elizabeth, $299.95; R is for Reed and Barton,
$229.95; S is for Sarong, $85.00.

(l to r): T is for Todd Hill, $55.00; U is for Union Square, $55.00; V is for Village of
Sienna, $50.00; W is for Wallace, $450.00.

(l to r): Y is for Yeoward, $975.00; Z is for Zambesi, $145.00.

Traditionally, brides-to-be register for sterling or silverplate flatware to use with
formal china and stainless steel for everyday. These days, couples are selecting
the style that best fits their lifestyle. Always choose flatware that suits you.

source: all flatware available at Michael C. Fina


girl meets glamour said...

Great post...I have to say that I love the ones from Yeoward!


fashiongirl said...

Love the Hannah, simple and elegant!

Sarah Dennis said...

Kate, I agree I love the Yeoward as well. My heart says "Sterling Silver " put my pocket says "Stainless Steel". So if I must go with Stainless it's Christofle all the way!

Sarah Dennis said...

Fashiongirl, of course you would like Hannah! Based on what you've told me you were looking for in dinnerware, yes, this look is definately you!!!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Wonderfully, clever post.

Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My eyes! The tears! I laughed so hard at your title to this post. Thank you for some cheer in the middle of a busy afternoon.

: )

Loving the new KS post on polka-dotted dinnerware, by the way.

All Things Bright and Beautiful....Creative Flair Chic said...

What a lovely post - My favorite is the second last row - 1st set on the left

Mike said...

To me I just want a fork or knife that works. To some people though a nice fork or knife is what makes them happy.

Estate Sterling said...

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