Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dining by Designer: Ralph Lauren - A Christmas theme where you can put your best face forward.

There was a time when clocks served one purpose: to let you know what time
it was. Today, clocks do much more than that. They make a decorating statement
by complementing, even enhancing, the look of a room. And they can make a
statement about Christmas.

With their bold graphics, nostalgic charm, and center holes for hanging, old
clock faces make inspired ornaments.

Clock faces add an interesting theme to holiday decorating. Extend the clock
theme to the table with this set of four charming brunch plates by Ralph Lauren.
Whimsical clock theme varies with each plate for a unique and stylish table setting.

Use vintage clock faces tied with pretty ribbon as ornaments. Match your clock
themed tree with your gift wrap and choose from the same color palette. All it
takes is a collection, or even an idea for one, to spark an exciting theme for your
holiday decorating.

Source: Country Living magazine, Assorted Clock Brunch Plates, $79.99,
Polo Ralph Lauren.


Martha B. said...

I just received from my dad a box of old pocket watches saved by my grandfather. This post will inspire me to use them on our tree or wreath. Thanks! :)

Sarah Dennis said...

Happy Holidays Marti! I think adding your grandfather's pocketwatches to your tree or wreath is a wonderful idea. It's these types of personal and entimental touches that make the holidays that more special! I'm glad this post inspired you.

fashiongirl said...

Toast those clock ornaments are so fabulous! I wish I could have you come and decorate my tree.

lady jicky said...

That is an interesting theme to have for decorating. I do cute animal ornaments for my tree and I find getting nice ones hard some years. I imagine clock faces would be harder!

Brooke said...

Those Ralph plates are FABULOUS

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I can not get over the goodness of these clock ornaments. Brilliant!

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Anonymous said...

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