Monday, January 28, 2008

How sweet it is: A Cookie Buffet

A cookie buffet is a fun way to top off a special event or wedding reception and it allows
guest to gravitate to the cookie of their choice. This week, a good friend of mine launched
his cookie business! To celebrate this joyous occasion, Brooke and I decided to host and
style his launch party. Everything turned out fantastic and everyone loved the cookie
buffet we set up.

In our buffet, we used Vietri cake stands to elevate the cookies offering in every sense.
We also used apothecary jars that showed off the ingredients used to make the cookies.
We placed small platters and plates around the cake stand and set the beverages,
cutlery and napkins at the end of the table so guest were free to reach for the cookies.

Milk and cookies are the perfect pair. For a unique touch, we served the milk out of
vintage glass milk containers.

Presentation is everything and when it comes to presenting your guest with a special
take home box this rings especially true. All our guest were given these beautiful
boxes with bite size cookies inside.

It's entirely acceptable to set out a variety of tableware patterns. We alternated the styles
as we stacked the plates. If you don't have 24 glasses or silver for 20, borrow from friends
or call a party-rental company.

I loved our invitation, we downloaded this template from Real Simple's website. They
conveyed such an old-fashion charm, just like the cookie, which are made from a family
recipe past down over generations. We printed the invites on kraft paper, punched a
hole in the upper-left hand corner and tied a knot using baker's twine.

A special thanks to our friend Jeff who was on hand to take these amazing photos!


Polka Dot Bride said...

This is so beautifully pulled together! I love your attention to detail on it!

bon mariage said...

Cute! I've seen cupcakes and candy bars - but never a cookie buffet.

Sarah Dennis said...

Thanks Polka Dot Bride. As you know details are EVERYTHING, they make all the difference. If you think this buffet looks beautiful you should have smelled it! Oh the smell of warm chocolate...divine.

Sarah Dennis said...

Diana, thanks for stopping by. I love the idea of a cookie buffet at a wedding reception, especially when there's a "family receipe" involved. It's such a wonderful and personal way to combine the past with the present.

People St.Clair said...

This is oh so lovely and everything looks so delicious and I love the invitation, how cleaver and fun.

Lucky Designs said...

Sarah - this is so cute! I completely agree - presentation is everything.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sarah, you and your friends left no stone unturned on this one! You thought of everything and it turned out lovely.

Sarah Dennis said...

Natasha, thanks for stopping by. You gotta love Real Simple! Everyone loved those invites. I knew you would like them.

amber said...

what a fantastic idea, love it!

Sarah Dennis said...

Hey Erin, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you liked the buffet. I can see you doing something like this for the Baby Shower!!!

Sarah Dennis said...

Thanks Mara!

Sarah Dennis said...

Amber, you know what would make this cookie buffet even better - - - coffee! "Cookies + Coffee"! Lattes of course and we could make them using the Francis X1 Trio!

Ashley L. said...

wow! what a cute and simple idea that i never would have come up with! i love the photographs in this post! great job! :)

Christy said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea! I could eat cookies forever, and your creativity and photos make me with I had received that cute invitation in the mail! Thanks for sharing!

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