Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm "bowled" over by these vintage football plates

Before the televisions are strategically placed around the room and the furniture
rearranged for optimum viewing pleasure, the first order of business when
planning a Super Bowl party is the menu and setting the table! Without proper
decorations, your Super bowl party will be incomplete. To liven up your table
and give it the feel of a bona fide football party, add some creative touches to
your table.

You'll score big with these vintage football plates from Williams-Sonoma. Use them
to serve your favorite football-watching fare, from appetizers to sandwiches.

If creating a football-rich environment is too great a task for you, make sure you stop
over to Hostess with the Mostess for some help. Jenn, has posted an awesome looking
super bowl party buffet. Also check out this month's issue of Real Simple for some

Although many hosts have favorite dishes they prepare annually, the most
successful parties incorporate a good variety of finger foods conveniently placed within
arms reach. Your decorations may be great, but if the snacks and main dishes aren't hits,
no one will be pleased -- there's nothing scarier than a hungry mob of football fans on
Super Bowl Sunday! For great Super bowl recipes visit Martha Stewart.

Whether you're planning a Super Bowl party out of love for the game or just the desire
to host a fun, relaxing party have FUN and may the best team win!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sarah! I have been looking for something for the walls in hubby's office (he's a defensive coordinator) in addition to the b/w photography and selected sports memorabilia I already have and these plates are PERFECT and even go with the decor style of the rest of our house.

WebDrops said...

Sarah these plates look awesome... and will really mix well with the super bowl party décor... love them at the first site... Thanks :)

The Mrs. said...

Needed superbowl inspiration for my party! Thank you!

Kati said...

LOVED the Real Simple spread and Jenn's post was absolutely fantastic!

Sarah Dennis said...

Hey Mara. I'm so glad I could help. Great idea! These vintage plates are the perfect solution for the empty wall in your hubby's office.

Sarah Dennis said...

Preetu loved your Super Bowl party ideas, you didn't leave a stone unturned. You thought of everything. Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad to you liked the plates.

Sarah Dennis said...

Mrs. can't wait to see pics from your Super Bowl party. Will you post some on your blog? I know it's going to turn out great.

Sarah Dennis said...

Kati thanks for stopping by! Love your Super Bowl party invitations! Kim did an awesome mood board, didn't she.

girl meets glamour said...

Love all these suggestions. I know it's not very "superbowly" but I'm bringing a quiche to a party :)


Anonymous said...

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Lindsay H. said...

I'm loving these!
You don't see enough sports-related table setting. They even sound odd in the same sentence together, but these plates are brilliant.

I've seen personalized beer mugs and such where you can get your favorite sports logo imprinted on them. they do it as i think

could you imagine? a full setting for the Superbowl with plates, bowls. :) makes me smile

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