Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Take charge in 2008: Haviland Laque De Chine

At the start of the new year you may have defined a few goals for yourself.
Well, don't stop with your goals, to define and embellish your table setting all you
have to do is "charge it"!

Many may remain hesitant, if not skeptical, about buying chargers, why would
anyone buy a plate that was either immediately whisked away before dinner or sat unused
underneath the actual dinner plate? Because chargers are like picture frames, outlining
your favorite tableware and highlighting it's beauty.

My favorite chargers are Haviland's Laque De Chine which are available in an array
of vivid colors. Slightly larger than a dinner plate but smaller than a platter,
chargers are simply for decoration, not for food service. You'll find chargers
on formal tables and being used for casual dinners. To me, they are essential
for any well-dressed table because these super discs elevate the look of the
tabletop in a flash.


Anonymous said...

I adore Haviland! Thanks for showing these beautiful designs!

Sarah Dennis said...

m&co thanks for stopping by! I'm such a fan of these Haviland chargers. So vibrant, so bold - - - what an easy way to add color in an instant!

ALL THE BEST said...

Nice post! I love chargers!! Happy New Year and all the best in 2008!