Friday, February 22, 2008

"Living My Life Like It's Golden" – L’Objet dinnerware goes for the Gold

Sensational shimmer. Exciting sizzle. Magnificent sparkle. And incredible shine. All
that glitters at the 80th Annual Academy Awards this Sunday will be gold! Gold is rich
in symbolism, implying solid value (Fort Knox), superior performance (Oscar trophy),
enduring love (wedding bands). What a reassuring thing to have around the house and
on the table.

Gold unfolds a richer, brighter, slightly more formal ambience onto the table. It goes
from modern to formal, day to night, subtle to utterly spectacular. Not limited by
convention, it’s ageless and it doesn’t get any easier than that. The color brings a touch
of elegance to everyday dining and can be found in every category of tableware from serving pieces to stemware.

Caution though: All gold on the table is over the top. Use gold as an accent piece. A gold
charger and a gold plate and gold flatware, all at the same time is definitely not the way to go.

"And the winner is"… Elad Yifrach, creator of L'Objet, a line of dinnerware and accessories.
Everything he touches turns to gold. With a beautiful set of L'Object napkin rings, chargers
or salt and pepper shakers, you will add dramatic impact instantly to your table. When
everyday objects--like what your salt and pepper come in--have a certain sheen, your
routine becomes less, well, routine. It's a matter of dressing up your life right now. Hey,
every meal is an occasion so make it golden.

Source: Incorporating such distinctive materials as 14-karat gold, Swarovski® crystals,
and fine Limoges porcelain paste, L'Objet creates expressive, luxurious tableware. All
dinnerware patterns shown above can be found at Horchow.


People St.Clair said...

Love-love-love the all the L'Object tablewear and totally agree with you about too much gold. Great post :)

Anonymous said...

where are those morroccan shaped plates from?? next to the lobject temple salt shakers?

Sarah Dennis said...

Hi Anonymous, the dinnerware you're referring to with the exotic scalloped edges in gold, coral, and intricate "Tabriz" pattern is by L'Objet. It is made in Portugal of hand-painted earthenware with 14-karat gold detailing. It can be purchased at Horchow.

Calypso said...

Wow!! These are prefect choice for any kitchen... Looks AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful things but unfortunate Elad Yifrach - L'objet, stole his designs from Samy D. from Israel and some other designers around the world.

CouponAlbum said...

Marvelous designs of those dinnerware sets!! White and gold designed dinnerware is looking STUNNING!!