Monday, February 11, 2008

LOVE AT FIRST LIGHT: Votives add instant style to a tablesetting

On a cold winter night, there is nothing more inviting than the warm glow
of burning candles. And if the night is Valentine’s Day and candles brighten
the table setting, what could be more romantic? Candlelight is an important
element, and it's the easiest way to set an intimate and romantic mood.
Whether your tablesetting is totally traditional or ultra contemporary, candle
votives can provide the perfect finishing touch to your decor.

Votives make more impact when they are used en masse, so be generous with
quantities. Think of these candles as the “little black dress'' of your tabletop;
they can be used for any occasion, for all occasions, and they will always look right.

(l to r: bolton votive, $49.00, Horchow; lotus flower tealights, $15.00, Well Dressed Home;
mercury votives, $16.99, Pottery Barn).

Flickering votive candles in glass holders cast amazing patterns and colors on white
or ivory tablecloths. Bring the soft, flattering light of votive candles to dinner tables
in attractive holders.

(l to r: sealife tealights, $20.00, Well Dressed Home; bone votive, $34.00, Sara Paloma;
polka dot votives, $12.00, Pottery Barn).

Nothing creates instant elegance like candlelight. The ambiance they generate will
last well into the night. Use only white or ivory candles. The glow of the flame on
a simple creamy candle is unbeatably elegant, whatever your style.


A Bride in the Making said...

Yes! I couldn't agree more! We will be using plenty of candles for our fall wedding =o)

Johannah said...

I can't help it, I have to make a plug whenever I see posts on candles:

Such is the way of creativity and passion.


Sarah Dennis said...

"Bride in the Making", thanks so much for stopping by, I'm so sure your wedding is going to be beautiful! I love that centerpiece by Mindy Weiss on your romantic!

Sarah Dennis said...

Johannah, your lanterns are beautiful. Plug anytime!

tiaraco said...

This is gorgeous!

Where is the top photo from?

girl meets glamour said...

Just love the bird's nest candle esp. Might need to get a few of those :)


Martha B. said...

The polka dot votives are so fun! Nice for a birthday or bridal shower.

Mélanie said...

I love canddles , even when I'm alone at home , I light them looks so romantic

Yakini said...

Aaah, I so agree! Nothing as beautiful and elegantly simple as candlelight! So pretty and romantic!

Jessica Maguire said...

Obviously way late on the comment, but I'm currently planning my wedding, and I LOVE the bird's nest votives. Where do they come from? I've been looking everywhere!